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Digital & Media 18-09-2017

Silicon Valley giants want to smash standards and grab internet of things

An internet of things based on shared open standards is under threat from Silicon Valley. And EU policymakers could stop them, writes Francisco Mingorance.
Economy & Jobs 22-08-2017

EU and US get tough on China trade

Both Brussels and Washington are taking steps to force China to tackle obstacles to foreign investment and the long-standing issue of intellectual property theft, writes Fraser Cameron.

Knowledge is capital for Europe’s future

Europe’s strength is its skilled workforce and professional expertise. To ensure its future as a major economy, Europe needs to combine entrepreneurship with an increased focus on knowledge capital, write Nima Sanandaji and Per Strömbäck.

Trade Secrets Directive creates excessive secrecy and must be rejected

The schemed Directive on “Trade Secrets Protection” is meant to repress industrial espionage, but applies to the whole of society legal remedies that should only apply to businesses, writes a broad coalition of journalists, lawyers, scientists, unions and associations.
Trade & Society 11-03-2015

Trade Secrets Directive: Don’t overlook enforcement!

The latest draft version of the Trade Secrets Directive currently being discussed in the European Parliament poses some serious enforcement issues, writes Jan-Diederik Lindemans. Little to no attention has been given to the costs of litigation, he warns.
Trade & Society 08-06-2012

Chinese, European creative industries face similar challenges

We are entering a new phase in which China's powerful manufacturing industry is being threatened by lower wages in neighbouring countries and will have to gain its vital competitive edge from culture-based creativity and innovation, argues Philippe Kern. Much like in Europe.
Trade & Society 28-06-2010

Creative economy is under attack: Time to act

Europe, the United States and Japan need to have strong intellectual property laws to protect the creative economy which is under attack, according to the heads of leading business groups.
Health 15-09-2003

Intellectual property and business strategies

The paper examines the level of intellectual property protection in the future Member States, in particular in the area of pharmaceutical industry.