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Agrifood 01-09-2017

Fipronil crisis: Why should we keep on using these toxic substances?

The withdrawal of millions of eggs from the market produced in the Netherlands and Belgium should motivate the EU to shift towards a different model of agriculture, argues Martin Dermine.
Agrifood 14-01-2015

‘We are fed up’ with our broken food system

Tens of thousands of people will gather once again in the cold of a Brandenburg winter to protest against what they see as the worst excesses of the food system, writes Oliver Moore.
Agrifood 12-11-2013

More, not less yield is the best way to meet global demand for more food

To meet the probably needed 70 to 100% increase of food supply over the next fifty or so years, agricultural output will have to substantially increase, and most of it will have to come from increased productivity, argues Brian Gardner.

Fertiliser chief: Farming should remain at top of development agenda

In agreeing to come up with a list of Sustainable Development Goals, governments have pledged to take a holistic approach to our global future, therefore viable farming should remain top of the list, argues Abdulrahman Jawahery.
Agrifood 06-03-2012

French farmers fighting the taboo of pesticides

Farmers in France are winning court cases on illnesses caused by the use of pesticides. Long a taboo subject within the farming community, they are speaking increasingly openly about this potentially lethal pollution, says Claire Le Nestour.
Agrifood 22-02-2011

European fightback must begin against factory pig farming

Across Europe industrial pig farming is encroaching on traditional farming methods and putting small farmers out of business, writes Tracy Worcester, director and producer of the documentary 'Pig Business'. Just as the USA is about to enforce higher animal welfare standards, the EU ought to follow suit, she argues.
Agrifood 11-05-2010

EU agricultural policies must be based on knowledge, not on ideology

The European Commission's investigation of organic agriculture provides an opportunity for long overdue critical scientific scrutiny, so that agricultural policies can be based on knowledge and not on ideology, writes Professor Anthony Trewavas of the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Edinburgh in a May commentary.
Agrifood 15-10-2008

Responding to the global food crisis

The current crisis in the global food system, caused by dramatic price rises, provides an opportunity to assure long-term food security and avoid problems in future, argue three essays in the annual report of the International Food Policy Research Institute.