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Transport 09-02-2015

EU launches fraud probe into Lyon-Turin rail link

The controversial high-speed train line between Lyon and Turin is to be examined by the European Anti-Fraud Office, OLAF, amid huge cost overruns and allegations of mafia links in Italy. The EU has already contributed €450 million to the project, but France and Italy will claim a further €4 billion of EU funding. EURACTIV France reports.
Transport 06-07-2012

EU divided over single liberalised railway system

The European Parliament has moved a step closer towards establishing a single, liberalised European rail network after a round of voting on the proposed competition rules.
Transport 23-03-2012

Europe agrees core transport plan, funding elusive

A €31.7-billion EU plan to streamline and integrate Europe’s segmented and rattling transport network into a cohesive whole was agreed by EU transport ministers in Brussels yesterday (22 March). Debate can now start over the most difficult issue, funding.
Climate change 12-12-2011

‘Pedal power’ study assesses cycling’s climate impact

If all Europeans cycled as much as the Danes, the EU could meet more than a quarter of its 2050 target for a 60% cut in carbon dioxide emissions in the transport sector, according to the first study of cycling’s CO2 mitigation potential.
EU Priorities 2020 15-01-2010

EU transport nominee wants ‘bigger money’, fewer projects

Siim Kallas, the EU's commissioner-designate for transport, vowed to defend a strategic vision at a European Parliament hearing on Thursday (14 January), saying he wanted EU money to be spent on large transport infrastructure projects rather than small ones.
Transport 15-06-2009

Ministers reiterate support for green railway transport

EU transport ministers yesterday (11 June) paved the way to make rail freight transportation more attractive, as a way of reducing pollution and traffic on European roads.
Transport 11-10-2006

Transport policy looks set for U-turn

Despite the 2001 Transport White Paper’s aim to curb demand for road transport, only green groups appear to believe that this is still a worthy aim.
Transport 27-07-2001

Commission gives 7.5 million euro to 17 intermodal transport projects

The Commission's Pilot Actions for Combined Transport (PACT) programme has allocated grants to 17 commercial projects promoting intermodal transport on 26 July. PACT aims to decrease freight traffic on roads by promoting the use of other, less polluting forms of transport.