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Digital 22-01-2014

Tech entrepreneur: EU should focus innovation where it has a chance

Xavier Damman, founder of the successful online storytelling tool Storify, tried to launch his start-up in Europe, but moved to the United States to get it off the ground. “Could I have developed Storify here? No. Europe shouldn’t try to compete, but it can try to complete,” he told EURACTIV in an interview.
Brexit 27-01-2010

YouTube, EU e-commerce rules under threat

The European Commission is concerned about a draft Italian law requiring video-sharing platforms such as YouTube to check that user-generated content is lawful before it is posted. Many fear that the move - a clear breach of the E-Commerce Directive - could set a dangerous precedent for other EU countries to follow.
Public Affairs 15-07-2009

New MEPs seen embracing social media in ‘conversation age’

The dawn of the "Conversation Age" will see more interaction between MEPs and stakeholders in the new legislature, public affairs bosses told EURACTIV, predicting that blogs and social media such as Facebook will become more influential in European politics.
Public Affairs 09-11-2007

Stakeholders ‘key’ to bringing EU policy debates to national level

A EURACTIV conference on 8 November explored ways of reaching out to EU citizens via national stakeholders such as businesses, trade unions and NGOs. Commissioners Kuneva (consumers) and Orban (multilingualism), as well as a number of MEPs, spoke out in favour of more decentralised communication to regain citizens' trust in the EU.
Languages & Culture 29-09-2006

Commission announces support for media-literacy mission

The European Charter for Media Literacy, set up to help citizens play a full role in 21st-century European culture, democracy and social life has been endorsed by the Commission.
Digital 05-10-2004

eEurope – An Information Society for All

eEurope was launched in December 1999 to ensure the EU fully benefits from the changes the Information Society is bringing. eEurope's key objectives are to bringing every citizen, home and school, every business and administration, into the digital age and online. It plans to create a digitally literate Europe, supported by an entrepreneurial culture ready to finance and develop new ideas. eEurope also wants to ensure the whole process is socially inclusive, builds consumer trust and contributes to social cohesion.

Council adopts draft Resolution on interactive media content

On 11 November, the Audiovisual and Culture Council approved a draft Resulotion on interactive media content in Europe.