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Economy & Jobs 11-09-2014

Commission welcomes EU court ruling over Mastercard cross-border fees

The European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday that MasterCard broke competition law when setting interchange charges for cross-border card payments. The European Commission welcomed the court's decision.
Euro & Finance 11-09-2014

ECJ ruling exposes MasterCard to national antitrust probes

MasterCard broke EU antitrust law when setting interchange charges for cross-border card payments, the highest court of the European Union today ruled (11 September).
Euro & Finance 08-09-2014

EU court rulings add up to crunch week for MasterCard

In one of two court rulings involving MasterCard this week, European judges will decide whether the company broke competition law when setting interchange charges for cross-border card payments.
Euro & Finance 29-07-2014

Consumers are being fleeced by card currency conversion charges

The Commission's proposed regulation on payment services will legitimize dynamic currency conversion (DCC), a practice where consumers are charged a hefty mark-up to pay bills on card in their own currency, writes Eric Grover.
Euro & Finance 04-07-2014

Italian presidency must prioritise card fees legislation, say businesses and consumers

Consumer and business organisations have called on the Italian Presidency of the EU and new European Parliament to make legislation capping payment card fees its “absolute priority.”
Euro & Finance 21-02-2014

Verschueren: The lower the interchange fees, the more merchants will accept card payments

The vote in the economic and monetary committee of the European Parliament on Thursday (20 February) to cap fees charged by payment cards companies is a step in the right direction: If you want to be on the side of merchants, you cannot be anything else than supportive of this regulation, says Christian Verschueren to EURACTIV Czech Republic.
Euro & Finance 20-02-2014

Parliament backs caps on payment card fees

The economic and monetary affairs committee of the European Parliament voted on Thursday (20 February) in favour of caps to the fees charged by payment cards companies and banks on shoppers’ purchases, paving the way for the entry into force of the new legislation.
Euro & Finance 31-01-2014

EU Court advised to rule against payment cards fees

A top legal official in the European Court of Justice yesterday (30 January) advised the EU judges to reject an appeal made by MasterCard over the fees it charges on payment transactions.
Euro & Finance 18-11-2013

Brussels must scrap regulatory push on card-payment transactions

Europe would benefit from more, not less, dynamism, competition and innovation in payments if MEPs rejected the Commission's proposal for maximum interchange fee levels for transactions in the EU, writes Eric Grover.
Euro & Finance 17-06-2013

MasterCard chief: ‘New card rules could discriminate’

The European Commission is poised to publish new payments rules covering ‘interchange’ fees, which are charged on card transactions. These could unfairly hit Visa and MasterCard, leaving rivals American Express and Paypal unfair market advantage, says the president of MasterCard Europe.