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Electricity 04-06-2018

Why Europe needs more electricity interconnectors, public and private

Europe's underdeveloped power grid infrastructure means that a surplus of electricity cannot be traded across borders, wasting renewable energy in countries that produce more than they consume, write Jo Leinen and Werner Langen.
Energy 11-01-2017

As Russia’s gas market gets weaker, Europe gets stronger

The Southern Gas Corridor, pipeline interconnectors and LNG terminals, particularly in the northeast, have slowly but steadily been weakening Russia's pipeline hegemony, writes Agnia Grigas.
Central Europe 18-10-2013

Poland supports energy market integration with Baltics

Responding to a claims from Nato expert Dr Ar?nas Molis that Poland is against cross-border energy links with his country, Lithuania, three Polish authors have told EURACTIV that the large central European nation in fact supports energy market integration with the Baltics.
Digital & Media 01-07-2013

Industrial internet promises economic benefits for Europe

Europe could be on the verge of reaping the huge benefits of the next industrial revolution – what is called the industrial internet. This exciting phase of industrial transformation will be technology driven, writes Hendrik Bourgeois.