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Future EU 21-12-2011

A back-gear, not a forward-gear Union

By March 2012, Europe will finally have a form of fiscal union to govern the single currency. Unfortunately, this will be a pseudo fiscal union as it will be built like a car with no forward gear to drive investments into producing wealth and jobs, writes Jens-Peter Bonde, a former Danish MEP.

New treaty gets EU legal clearance, UK sidelined

A draft intergovernmental treaty to tighten fiscal discipline in the eurozone has received the green light from the European Council's legal service, paving the way for a final text to be agreed by the end of January, EU officials said on Friday (16 December).
Euro & Finance 16-12-2011

Forum in December, summit in January to draft new treaty

A forum with around 100 delegates is likely to be convened before the end of the year to debate the proposed new intergovernmental treaty – to be signed by all EU member states apart from the UK – EURACTIV has learned.
Future EU 15-12-2011

Europe’s new treaty: Towards a multi-speed Union

All 27 EU countries – except Britain and the Czech Republic – have agreed on a new treaty for tighter fiscal discipline and deeper economic integration to save the euro currency. The treaty came into force on 1 January 2013.
Brexit 15-12-2011

Cameron phones potential eurosceptic allies

British Prime Minister David Cameron held telephone talks yesterday (14 December) with potential allies in the European Union as he seeks to avoid isolation after vetoing EU treaty changes to allow closer fiscal union by eurozone members. 
Euro & Finance 13-12-2011

Brussels to handle new treaty provisions, says Rehn

Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn yesterday (12 December) brushed aside the possibility of UK legal threats and warned the City of London that it could not avoid EU financial regulation as a result of the UK veto of a last week's summit deal.