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Future EU 30-11-2016

Aspaker: Norway wants to be included in Brexit negotiations

Norway would like to help forge a solution to the UK’s single market dilemma, says Elisabeth Vik Aspaker, Norwegian minister of EEA and EU affairs, in an interview with EURACTIV Slovakia.
Energy 10-10-2016

Hungarian MEP: Nuclear energy’s ‘hidden subsidies’ must end

Atomic energy is not competitive in the energy sector and must not be artificially preserved at the expense of renewable alternatives, Benedek Jávor, Green MEP and member of Nuclear Transparency Watch, told EURACTIV Slovakia.
Brexit 11-04-2016

Graf Lambsdorff: EU ‘clearly went too far’ in Brexit concessions

EXCLUSIVE / The European Council agreed in February to a number of reforms proposed by Britain to try and counter the risk of the UK leaving the bloc in a June referendum. Alexander Graf Lambsdorff spoke to EURACTIV Germany about the historic vote.
Trade & Society 14-03-2013

MEP: EU countries must implement services rules

Economic protectionism stoked by fears of social dumping is preventing EU countries from taking full advantage of the EU services directive, says MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt. Ahead of her 15 March report, she tells EURACTIV how the rules, which chop down barriers to the sale of services across borders, curb discrimination and could result in a 2.6% rise in European GDP.
Brexit 03-11-2010

Herzog: Single Market Act is an opportunity for citizens

The European Commission's proposal for a 'Single Market Act' must be debated across the EU so that citizens can learn about the internal market and get a taste for cross-border trade, Philippe Herzog, co-founder of the think-tank Confrontations Europe, told EURACTIV France in an interview.
Digital & Media 28-07-2009

Harbour: Public procurement to drive recovery

Public procurement should become the driver of new technology developments and the main vehicle for economic recovery, Malcolm Harbour MEP, the new head of the European Parliament's internal market committee, told EURACTIV in an interview.
Euro & Finance 18-09-2006

Interview with Jean-Paul Gauzès (MEP)

According to Gauzès, MEP and rapporteur on payment services in the internal market, the new propositions add to the directive’s efficiency and take into account the technical constraints of the industry, while maintaining the objective of a cost reduction for consumers.