About: Internal Market

Brexit 12-05-2009

Crossing borders: A tall order for SMEs

The internal European market offers companies access to a market of 500 million people, yet a strikingly low number of small and medium-sized enterprises are making best use of the opportunities available.
Digital & Media 26-04-2007

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

In the face of the rising counterfeiting and piracy across Europe, the Commission is proposing a historical but controversial Directive that would - for the first time ever - force member states to adjust their penal codes and establish harmonised criminal sanctions against IPR-infringers.

Services in the Internal Market

The directive on services in the internal market was designed to break down barriers to trade in services across the EU, and help complete the single market. Despite most member states having failed to implement it by an end-2009 deadline, the European Commission harbours hopes of its completion by summer 2010.