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Economy & Jobs 30-03-2020

Strengthening EU cohesion with European responses to corona crisis

The number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing daily across Europe. The top political priority must be to take targeted measures to slow down infections, in order to protect high-risk groups and avoid overburdening health systems, write Anna...
Brexit 21-09-2016

Switzerland: London watches EU talks on migration closely

Switzerland's future agreement on free movement with the EU, depending on the form it takes, could offer the United Kingdom a precedent to lean on in its own Brexit negotiations, writes Strafor.
Digital & Media 23-05-2016

Time to deliver on the Digital Single Market

It is high time to deliver on the promises of the Digital Single Market (DSM). It will fuel European economic growth and a way to make the everyday life of businesses and consumers easier, writes Tomasz Poręba.
Brexit 04-05-2016

UK shouldn’t follow Swiss or Norwegian model

There is no doubt that UK manufacturing and wider business is best served by being in the EU and by continuing to be influential in defining the future direction of the framework conditions for manufacturing companies in the bloc, writes Adrian Harris.
Competition 07-05-2015

Seven questions and three recommendations about TTIP

TTIP is currently “too big to fly”. Pierre Defraigne offered his vision for the future of TTIP in a speech to the European Business summit.

EU’s free movement: Like the air that we breathe?

The exercise of the right to freedom of movement is not as evident as "the air that we breathe". EU citizens should be reminded of this, so they vote next May to firmly defend this crucial milestone in the European construction, António Vitorino and Yves Bertoncini write.
Energy 14-11-2012

Internal energy market: The pieces of the puzzle do not fit

The European Commission's energy market communication, to be published on 15 November, indicates that there are major obstacles to the implementation of the internal energy market by the target date, 2014, writes Georg Zachmann.
Digital & Media 19-04-2010

Overwhelming case for developing the Digital Single Market

"A Digital Single Market's economic impact would at least equal that created by the EU Internal Market for goods," writes the European Policy Centre (EPC) in an April paper.
EU Priorities 2020 03-12-2009

Europe: What exit to which crisis?

Now that institutional discussions are closed, the EU must have an in-depth discussion on fundamental issues, writes Olivier Lacoste, research director at Confrontations Europe. For instance, what European policies should be put in place?
Brexit 25-03-2009

The pitfalls of the Payment Services Directive

The EU's Payment Services Directive (PSD) is in danger of "creating a legislative labyrinth," warns Professor Maria Chiara Malaguti in a recent paper for the European Credit Research Institute (ECRI).
Competition 05-12-2006

From EU’s internal market to economic protectionism?

Although the internal market is at the core of the EU and although, especially for Germany, the advantages are undeniable, the internal market is often criticised. Dr Joachim Wuermeling, state secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, highlights the achievements, dangers and current and future challenges.