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Non-discrimination 27-04-2021

Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of ‘apartheid’ crimes against Palestinians

An international rights watchdog accused Israel on Tuesday (27 April) of pursuing policies of apartheid and persecution against Palestinians - and against its own Arab minority - that amount to crimes against humanity.
Eastern Europe 21-12-2020

Georgia gets important designation in International Criminal Court

A Georgian national was elected for the first time as judge at the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) - an important designation for a country awaiting investigation of alleged war crimes committed during a short war with Russia in 2008.
Global Europe 04-09-2020

France leads criticism of US ‘attack’ on ICC

France led criticism of US sanctions on the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Thursday (3 September), saying Washington had launched a "serious attack" on the global body.
Global Europe 12-06-2020

EU voices ‘serious concern’ at US International Criminal Court sanctions

The EU’s diplomatic chief on Thursday (11 June) voiced “serious concern” at moves by President Donald Trump to sanction any International Criminal Court officials who investigate US troops. Ramping up pressure for the Hague-based court to stop its probe of...

Commission unmoved by accusations of ‘crimes against humanity’

The European Commission defended on Monday (3 June) its track record of saving lives in the Mediterranean, faced with accusations of "“crimes against humanity” substantiated in a 245-page report by international lawyers, brought before the International Criminal Court.
Global Europe 11-09-2018

Trump administration takes aim at International Criminal Court, PLO

The Trump administration on Monday (10 September) threatened tough action against the International Criminal Court should it try to prosecute Americans for alleged war crimes in Afghanistan and said the PLO's office in Washington would be closed for seeking to punish Israel through the court.
Global Europe 03-09-2018

EU demands freedom for two Reuters journalists jailed in Myanmar

The European Union called today (3 September) for the immediate and unconditional release of two Reuters journalists handed jail sentences in Myanmar for their reporting of the Rohingya crisis.
Global Europe 14-02-2017

The Brief: Is the EU-Turkey migrant deal as bad as Donald Trump’s wall?

What is the fundamental difference between Donald Trump’s plans to build a bigly tremendous wall along the border with Mexico and the EU’s migrant deal with Turkey?
Global Europe 17-11-2016

Russia withdraws from International Criminal Court treaty

President Vladimir Putin signed an executive order yesterday (16 November) removing Russia's signature from the International Criminal Court's founding treaty, piling pressure on a court that is already reeling from withdrawals by some African countries.
Global Europe 10-10-2016

Germany, France harden tone on Russia over Aleppo bombings

Germany is mulling sanctions against Russia over the Syria and France is considering asking the International Criminal Court's prosecutor to launch an investigation into war crimes it says have been committed by Syrian and Russian forces in eastern Aleppo.
Development Policy 31-05-2016

Chad’s ex-leader Habre gets life sentence for atrocities

Former Chad president Hissène Habré, an ally of the West during the Cold War, was convicted yesterday (30 May) of war crimes and crimes against humanity for ordering the killing and torture of thousands of political opponents during his eight-year rule.
Federica Mogherini in Ethiopia
Development Policy 21-10-2015

Battling migrant crisis, EU urges Eritrea to respect human rights

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini called on Tuesday (20 October) for greater respect for human rights in Eritrea, a major source of refugees who risk their lives trying to to reach Europe.
Europe's East 14-10-2015

Hague court to investigate Russia, Georgia over 2008 war

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) said yesterday (13 October) she would investigate both sides in the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia for crimes, including the killing of peacekeepers and attacks on civilians.
Development Policy 09-06-2015

UN finds Eritrea may have committed crimes against humanity

Eritrea may have committed crimes against humanity, a year-long UN human rights inquiry said in a report published yesterday (8 June) describing extrajudicial killings, widespread torture, sexual slavery and enforced labour.
Europe's East 26-01-2015

Ukraine turns to International Criminal Court over ‘terrorist’ killings in Mariupol

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Monday (26 January) he will give the EU ample evidence of who is behind the recent shelling of the city of Mariupol, in which more than 20 people were killed in a missile attack. EURACTIV reports from Eastern Ukraine.
Enlargement 11-12-2009

Wartime files found by Croatian police

A police operation aimed at locating documentation needed by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was a success, the Croatian Police Directorate announced yesterday (10 December). If confirmed, the findings may greatly help Croatia's EU accession bid, experts said.
Enlargement 22-07-2008

EU hails arrest of Serbian war criminal Karadzic

EU leaders hailed the arrest by Serbian authorities on 21 July of Radovan Karadzic as a key step in the Balkan nation's accession to the Union. Karadzic is one of the most wanted war criminals of the past 13 years and stands accused of the worst war crimes committed in Europe since World War II.

UK tourists ‘at risk’ from EU Treaty rejection

A recently launched justice organisation, The Just Umbrella, has urged EU leaders to include justice as part of the proposed Treaty revisions, or put British and other tourists at risk from legal and judicial discrimination while abroad.
Competition 28-11-2003

EU and US celebrate 50 years of partnership amid transatlantic tensions

Transatlantic relations still under strain as a CEPS symposium and a reception by the US Mission on 25 November mark 50 years of EU-US partnership.

Growing EU-US rift over the International Court

The Bush administration has warned the EU that the US role in NATO will change if the Union refuses the US request for agreements to give Americans immunity from the new International Criminal Court.
Enlargement 22-08-2002

Candidate countries torn by EU-US dispute over international court

The Central and Eastern European candidate countries have come under pressure from the US to give American peacekeepers immunity from the International Criminal Court. While Washington is using military aid and its consent to NATO enlargement as leverage, the EU has warned the candidates not to sign any agreements with the US before the EU has taken its position on the issue.
Security 12-04-2002

International Criminal Court becomes a reality

Following the simultaneous ratification by 10 more nations, the UN Treaty establishing the International Criminal Court will enter into force on 1 July 2002.