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Med & South 01-03-2010

Abkhazia: Deepening Dependence

"The historically coveted region of Abkhazia has become even more dependent on Moscow since Russia's controversial recognition [of its independence] a year and a half ago," writes the International Crisis Group in a February report.
Med & South 04-05-2009

Turkey and Armenia: Opening minds, opening borders

"Politicians in third countries should do all they can to bolster mutual confidence" between Turkey and Armenia, argues an April report from the International Crisis Group.
Global Europe 15-10-2008

Kosovo’s fragile transition

"Kosovo is proving to be a difficult test for EU security and defence policy," argues a September report from the International Crisis Group (ICG), which urges the bloc to show more determination to deliver on international commitments and avoid compromising ongoing negotiations with Russia over the deployment of a new EU defence mission to Georgia.
Global Europe 25-04-2008

Will the Real Serbia Please Stand Up?

The upcoming parliamentary and local elections in Serbia on 11 May 2008 will be crucial in deciding the country's future path - whether that is closer integration with the EU or recent political flirtations with Russia open up an alternative route, says a 23 April briefing paper from the International Crisis Group (ICG).
Global Europe 17-01-2008

Cyprus: Reversing the Drift to Partition

The UN and EU should strongly encourage Greek and Turkish Cypriots to make "one more major effort" to reunify Cyprus in 2008, argues a new report from the International Crisis Group (ICG).
Enlargement 07-12-2007

Kosovo countdown: A blueprint for transition

As the day the Troika is due to present its final report on the failed talks between Belgrade and Pristina draws closer (10 December) and a unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo is likely to become a reality, the EU should prepare to make its 'conditional' independence operational, a new International Crisis Group (ICG) paper suggests.
Central Europe 28-08-2007

Turkey and Europe: the way ahead

The AK Party's victory in the July 2007 parliamentary elections creates an opportunity for both it and the EU to "re-launch" Turkey's accession process, according to an August report from the International Crisis Group.
Central Europe 28-08-2007

Breaking the Kosovo stalemate is Europe’s responsibility

EU member states must accept primary responsibility for bringing Kosovo to supervised independence in order "to avoid chaos on its doorstep", according to a 21 August report from the International Crisis Group.