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Development Policy 03-02-2015

Tax cooperation key to UN post-2015 development goals

As the United Nations meet this year to agree their new post-2015 agenda for global development, tax fairness and the fight against illicit financial flows are high on the agenda, write Christian Haldenwang and Armin von Schiller.
Development Policy 25-07-2014

Beating AIDS worldwide, NGOs still alarmed

According to the UN, AIDS-related deaths and further infections are on the decline worldwide. However, NGOs worry that foreign aid will be cut because of the global economic crisis. EURACTIV France reports.
Rwanda corruption
Development Policy 11-06-2014

G7 advances fight against corruption

Leaders of the seven biggest industrialised countries (G7) have discussed illicit financial flows in developing countries and extractive industries. Important progress was made according to ONE. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 10-06-2014

Commission rejects call to respect right to life in development aid

A European Citizen's Initiative (ECI) has called on the EU to stop funding abortion in developing countries. The European Commission has dismissed it outright. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 19-06-2013

World Bank: Earth’s poorest to be hit hardest by climate change

Millions of people around the world are likely to be pushed back into poverty because climate change is undermining economic development in poor countries, the World Bank warned in a report released on Wednesday (19 June).