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Technology 21-11-2017

MEP Michał Boni: ‘We have to win the war against fake news’

The Internet has democratised the world but the side effects of this democratisation are the success of fake news and the campaign of organised disinformation, MEP Michał Boni argues in an interview with EURACTIV Poland.
Heini Järvinen [EDRi]
Languages & Culture 30-10-2014

Copyright reform: weak research will produce bad policy

Recent studies have echoed extremely pessimistic analysis of the impact of copyright infringement on the European economy. But these are often based on false, misleading assumptions, writes Heini Järvinen.
Technology 06-09-2012

What lawmaking can learn from Wikipedia

The European Parliament is readying the publication of its software source code, a move that would open up the details of its lawmaking processes. Meanwhile a number of political activists are undertaking their own initiatives to make not only lawmaking processes, but also content more transparent.
Public Affairs 14-09-2010

Journalists call for ‘Internet tax’ to rescue media

The main journalist trade union in Europe and the UK wants citizens to be given 'European Democracy Vouchers', funded by internet service providers, which can be used to buy newspapers and pay for online media subscriptions.
Brexit 17-12-2009

Google execs face prison over user-generated video

The city state of Milan is prosecuting Google for defamation and breach of privacy after a video showing a down-syndrome boy being attacked by bullies was posted on the search engine's video site. Yesterday (16 December), four Google executives were in the stands protesting their innocence under EU laws on Internet freedom.
Technology 04-12-2009

Web inventor: ‘Snooping’ authorities threaten Internet

Governments and companies pushing for greater monitoring of Internet activity pose a major threat to freedom and democracy, according to Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

Latest EU steps in the field of scientific publishing ‘too little, too late’

EU ministers' agreement on scientific information in the digital age reached at the Competitiveness Council meeting in Brussels on 23 November comes too late and does not constitute any progress, writes the Slovenian Minister for growth, Žiga Turk, on Blogactiv.
Technology 29-01-2007

Digital convergence is coming of age

Europe's economy is beginning to reap the benefits of ever-more interlinked and interoperable online technologies, but many obstacles remain to be overcome, experts have told the Commission.
Technology 13-12-2006

Television Without Frontiers / Audiovisual Without Frontiers

The EU institutions have found agreement on amendments to the Television without Frontiers (TWF) Directive, the central piece of EU TV regulation. They propose to apply certain provisions of the Directive to some internet-based services and to partially lift regulations on advertising and product placement.
Technology 07-11-2006

Commission battles to protect children online

Report points to successes of “Safer Internet Action Plan” but concern levels still high.
Technology 29-05-2006

Internet providers and movie industry team up for film online

A number of major industry players, including broadcasters, telecom operators and holders of copyrights, signed a Commission-inspired charter for promoting the online distribution of films.
EU Priorities 2020 06-02-2006

Commission brings fun to Europa web site

The Commission's front page increasingly puts non-specialist, general information on the EU and communication at the core of the Europa web site, which is now hosting almost all the Commission's official published content.  
Languages & Culture 17-01-2006

Media giant about to back European ‘Google killer’

Bertelsmann's announcement that the German media company is close to signing up as a partner behind the European search engine project Quaero has kindled discussion on Quaero's role in the emerging 'search engine wars'.
Technology 01-12-2005

BEUC in defence of consumer rights online

BEUC, the European consumers' organisation, has started a new campaign to combat overly restrictive digital rights management and terms of use with digital content. In an interview with EURACTIV, the organisation's senior legal advisor explains the issue.
Technology 01-12-2005

Interview – Cornelia Kutterer (BEUC): Consumer rights online need to be secured

The legitimate interest of the holders of intellectual property rights to defend those is being abused to restrict the equally legitimate use of content that consumers have purchased, says Cornelia Kutterer, Senior Legal Adviser with BEUC. On 11 November 2005, the European consumer organisation launched a campaign for defending consumers' rights in the digital environment.
EU Priorities 2020 13-09-2005

EP embraces the blogosphere

The Parliament has launched its new web portal with a series of round table talks on the information society, the first of which was about ethical questions arising from the emergence of millions of weblogs.
Technology 31-08-2005

France pushes for European books online

While Google has announced versions of its online book service in 6 EU languages other than English, France is speeding up its rival venture for a European Digital Library. 
Technology 08-07-2005

EU-wide copyright for online music under consideration

The Commission has come forward with a proposal for the EU-wide licensing of music in legal download services on the internet.
Technology 01-06-2005

Commission to launch ambitious Information Technology Programme

The Commission plans to launch, on June 1, 2005, what Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Information Society and the Media, has branded as “the first-ever Lisbon Strategy realistic action plan”. The plan, labelled “i2010”, sets out to boost at the same time the information and communication technology (ICT) and content industries, as well as the industry take-up of innovation.
Technology 09-12-2004

EU to crack down on internet child porn and junk e-mails

EU telecoms ministers are set to adopt a new programme aimed at protecting children from violent and pornographic content over the internet. New action against junk e-mails is also set to be given the green light.
Technology 21-09-2004

EU and US display unity on information society issues

At the annual EU-US information society meeting on September 17, both delegations stressed similar positions on most issues, including internet telephony (VoIP) and Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Commission promotes digital rights management for Internet content

The Commission wants to promote "open, flexible and interoperable Digital Rights Management Systems (DRMS)" for the protection and distribution of digital content on the Internet.