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Digital & Media 02-02-2017

Top telecoms regulator takes aim at Commission plan for cybersecurity labels

The top EU telecoms regulator criticised the European Commission's plans to introduce this spring a labelling scheme to rank the cybersecurity of internet-connected devices, arguing it would only reinforce big tech companies' dominance.

Journalists unmask shady deals in probe of internet providers

A group of investigative journalists are calling out internet service providers in a number of EU countries for their shady business connections and lack of transparency.
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Digital & Media 30-04-2015

Embracing the Internet Opportunity to Drive the European Economy

Europe has an unprecedented opportunity to increase consumer and business use of online technology as it crafts its Digital Single Market plan. The outcome can help grow Europe’s domestic technology industry and boost productivity and sales for traditional European companies -- or stifle them depending on what choices are made.
Digital & Media 22-01-2015

EU anti-terrorism chief: Communications should be accessible to security services

The European Union should consider forcing Internet firms to help security services tap into coded emails and calls as part of a new strategy to combat militant attacks, the EU counter-terrorism coordinator says.
Public Affairs 21-09-2009

New EU website goes live

The European Commission will today (21 September) launch a revamped version of its Europa website. After two years of analysis and review, the EU executive hopes its new central web portal will make for a simpler, more organised experience for EU citizens.
Public Affairs 22-04-2009

How the Internet is Changing Government Agendas

"The world is in a transition from an industrial and information economy into a conceptual economy" whose ultimate resource is talent, writes Žiga Turk, a University of Ljubljana professor, former Slovenian minister and current secretary-general of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe, on his blog.
Digital & Media 08-10-2008

EU warns of ‘digital gap’ as IP numbers dry up

Like car plates and telephone numbers, the Internet regularly needs to increase the number of numerical addresses available. With exponential growth in objects connected to the Web expected, policymakers are already warning of a looming 'digital gap', reports EURACTIV from an EU ministerial conference in Nice, France.
Digital & Media 21-04-2008

EU broadband use on the rise

Community efforts to boost citizens' access to the web are paying off, with 40 million more Europeans becoming "regular internet users" last year, according to a new Commission report.
Digital & Media 19-12-2007

Commission set to shift communication resources online

The European Commission will make a further step into the world of Web 2.0 by allowing users to upload parts of its webpages and progressively reallocating communication resources from offline to online publications, reveals a draft EU strategy for communicating via the Internet seen by EURACTIV. The plan will be published in the coming weeks.
Digital & Media 22-03-2006

High-speed internet for all is now a Commission priority

A wide range of EU policy instruments and funds are now being activated to boost the spread of broadband internet to poorer regions.
Digital & Media 30-09-2005

Transatlantic row over control of the internet

The UK-led EU delegation at a high-level meeting on internet governance has angered the US with a proposal to hand administration of the internet over to the United Nations. 
Digital & Media 21-09-2005

Commission wants phone data to be stored for one year

The Commission will adopt a new plan on the issue of retaining phone, fax, mobile phone and internet data, with a one-year storage obligation for all non-internet data and a possibility of reimbursement to telecom operators.
Digital & Media 28-06-2005

World Summit becomes focus for telecom ministers

The EU will prioritise the future governance of the internet and financial mechanisms for bridging the digital divide between industrial nations and developing countries. 
Digital & Media 09-12-2004

EU to crack down on internet child porn and junk e-mails

EU telecoms ministers are set to adopt a new programme aimed at protecting children from violent and pornographic content over the internet. New action against junk e-mails is also set to be given the green light.
EU Priorities 2020 14-05-2002

Developing a European Polity: the case for governance on the Internet at the European Level

Developing a European Polity: the case for governance on the Internet at the European Level Summary by EURACTIV ‘Government’ refers to the institutions, ‘governance’ refers to how actors in a certain political setting interact; There are three roles for ICT...