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Technology 28-11-2014

France, Germany back MEPs against Google

France and Germany Thursday (27 November) called on the European Commission to review competition rules surrounding on-line “web-platforms” – notably search engines such as Google – in order to create “a more level playing field” and encourage European companies into the market.

EU Broadband policy

The widespread introduction of broadband at affordable prices is one of the chief objectives of the EU's i2010 action plan. Broadband technology allows users to access the Internet at high speeds via their telephone lines (DSL), cable, wireless mobile technologies and satellites. Moreover, the deployment of next generation networks, based on optical fibres, is set to put a new range of super-fast Internet services withing everyone's reach .
Technology 20-09-2006

Commission gets to grips with grids

The Commission has invested €78 million in research projects on dynamically networked computing, the technology set to provide computing power for tomorrow's most challenging research and development tasks.
Public Affairs 25-08-2005

Study: ‘Non’ made better use of internet

Websites advocating a 'No' vote in the 29 May 2005 French referendum on the EU Constitution were more numerous and formed a more tightly-knit network than those in favour of the Constitution, according to a study. 
Brexit 09-07-2004

Size and sector the prime factors behind e-business adoption

Early findings of the Commission's 2003-2004 e-Businees W@tch survey show that company size and sector of economic activity are the main driving forces behind e-business adoption.
Competition 10-06-2004

Internet telephony (VoIP): Regulators and industry debate ‘irreversible’ trend

The Commission is weighing up its options on how to regulate internet telephony. Major telecoms operators are already proposing services to avoid being squeezed out of the market.

Commission in bid to safeguard dignity across the media spectrum

In a bid to keep up with fast-evolving digital technologies, the Commission has tabled new guidelines to protect children and guarantee the right of reply in the media.
Brexit 20-04-2004

Scandinavia tops world Internet rankings

The UK is the only non-Scandinavian country ranked in the world's top five nations with the most Internet-friendly environment, according to IBM and The Economist. The US falls from third to sixth place.

Irish e-voting system under scrutiny due to concerns about fraud

An independent committee is looking into the alleged security flaws of an e-voting system set to be used for the next European and regional elections. The report is due out on 1 May.
Competition 10-03-2004

Parliament adopts intellectual property directive amid protests

The Intellectual property directive has been approved by Parliament amid protests that it is impinging on consumers' rights. Member States will decide whether or not to criminalise infringers.
Technology 19-02-2004

‘E-Content Plus’ to boost demand for online services

163 million euros are to be allocated to the new 'E-Content Plus' programme (2005-2008) to boost consumer demand for high-speed Internet and third generation mobile phones (3G).

Seminar addresses challenges to e-democracy

A two-day seminar on e-democracy has marked the starting point in Europe's attempts to draw citizens closer to their governments using online technologies.

Searching for the determinants of IT investment – Panel data evidence on European countries

The aim of this paper is to identify the degree of information technology (IT) adoption in individual European economies and to analyse the determinants of IT investment among a panel of EU countries.
Future EU 11-02-2004

Financial package for Romania and Bulgaria puts emphasis on structural policies

The Commission on 10 February 2004 disclosed its financial proposal for Romania and Bulgaria after they join the EU - a 15.4 bn euros commitment for the period 2007-2009.
Competition 10-02-2004

Intellectual property directive taken off Parliament’s agenda

In order to buy the Irish Presidency more time to secure a majority within a divided Council, the Parliament has decided to withdraw the intellectual property directive from its 9 February plenary agenda.
Brexit 10-02-2004

European forum to address obstacles to e-business

The European e-business interoperability forum kicks off its activities on 18 February with the aim of lifting barriers to e-business take-up in Europe.
Cybersecurity 05-02-2004

Safer Internet Day to focus on children

Safer Internet day opens on 6 February across Europe with the aim of making the online world safer for children. Promising new filtering software will be presented on this occasion.
Competition 04-02-2004

Commission plans to boost high-speed Internet and 3G mobile phones

The Commission has presented its new strategy for the further take-off of high speed Internet and third generation mobile phones (3G). The correct transposition by Member States of the new regulatory framework is still the top priority.
Competition 02-02-2004

Commission set to unleash sales of sports rights over Internet and 3G

In a first step to unleash growth in new media services, the Commission on 30 January launched an enquiry into the sale of sport rights to Internet companies and new generation mobile operators (3G and UMTS).

EU pushes for global adoption of next generation Internet

In a showcase event, the Commission highlighted the multiple applications offered by the next generation Internet protocol, IPv6 and launched cooperation with South Korea
Technology 09-12-2003

Decision not to decide saves Information Society summit

A few last-minute compromises cleared the way for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) which will be attended by over 60 Heads of State and Government in Geneva from 10-12 December.
Technology 21-11-2003

Cyber security agency given green light by Council

A day after the vote in the EP, the Telecoms Council on 20 November approved plans to set up a European Network and Information Security Agency.

Ministers adopt Decision on safer use of Internet

The EU ministers adopted on 26 May the extension of the multiannual Community action to promote safer use of the Internet.

Parliament Committee approves plan for safer use of internet

On 18 February, the Parliament's Citizens' Rights Committee spoke out in favour of stricter measures to protect children from harmful internet content.