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Digital & Media 17-06-2013

Why Europe needs an EU Anti-Bullying Day

We need an EU Anti-Bullying Day to become a symbolic milestone in our efforts and to remind to all Europeans that bullying and cyberbullying is a problem with no borders, no specific technological or platform connection, no easy solutions, write MEPs Phil Prendergast and Seán Kelly.
Med & South 09-04-2009

Estonia leads the way in countering cyber-attacks

Estonia, which recently suffered what appeared to be the largest political cyber-attack ever seen on EU soil, is organising an EU ministerial meeting on the protection of vital infrastructure against cyber-crime, the European Commission has announced.
Digital & Media 10-02-2009

Web firms to crack down on cyberbullying

Seventeen social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, are poised to sign a European agreement today (10 February) to tackle cyberbullying and improve safety for young Internet users at the Safer Internet Day flagship event in Luxembourg.
Digital & Media 23-10-2008

Parliament backs ‘Safer Internet for Children’ programme

By overwhelming majority, the European Parliament yesterday (22 October) approved a new programme to make the Internet safer for children. The initiative builds on a 2005 'Safer Internet' plan by encompassing newer Web 2.0 communication services like social networking.
Digital & Media 28-05-2008

EU Internet agency urges action to avoid ‘digital 9/11’

Cyber threats need to be tackled more vigorously by member states in order to preserve the European economy, said Europe's internet security agency as it showcased its achievements in Brussels on 27 May.
Digital & Media 07-05-2008

Call for joint effort to combat online child pornography

The fight against child abuse over the Internet is often hampered by data protection rules, but a joint effort between privacy authorities, financial institutions and Internet services providers can ensure significant results in line with national laws, according to a new report.
Digital & Media 24-04-2008

Teachers told to protect children from online risks

Leading internet and telecoms firms have teamed up with the European Commission in the fight against cyber-bullying by launching a new website showing teachers how to spot inappropriate use of the Internet and mobile phones by children.
Digital & Media 17-04-2008

Web 2.0: New opportunities, new risks

New user-friendly technologies have made the Internet more interactive, turning millions of users into content creators and increasing the services available online. The changes introduced have created a kind of second-generation Internet - the so-called Web 2.0.
Digital & Media 09-04-2008

EU privacy regulators target online advertisements

Google and other search engines could be forced to ask users' permission to collect private data used to offer personalised advertisements on the Internet, EU regulators said.
Digital & Media 12-12-2007

Images to be alongside text in future search engines

Next generation search engines may work not only with text but also with images thanks to new technologies for visual content retrieval developed by Vitalas, a European Commission-funded project whose prototype system will be tested from next week by Exalead, the fourth biggest search engine in the world.
Digital & Media 05-12-2007

New EU efforts to protect privacy on the Web

The European Commission will 'significantly' increase funding in the next few years to support the development of technologies which protect user privacy on the internet, Vice President Franco Frattini announced yesterday (4 December).
Digital & Media 17-09-2007

Internet Security

Security in the online world is essential for the internet to realise its economic potential - but experts agree that there is no simple solution to a problem that has multiple dimensions: technological, societal, economic and psychological.
Digital & Media 13-10-2005

Estonia first country in the world to introduce internet voting

In local government council elections to be held on 16 October 2005, voters in Estonia will be the first in the world to have the choice of voting either from their homes over the internet or in a traditional booth. 
Digital & Media 28-06-2005

World Summit becomes focus for telecom ministers

The EU will prioritise the future governance of the internet and financial mechanisms for bridging the digital divide between industrial nations and developing countries. 

Few large companies have websites for the European region

A recent study performed by APCO Europe reveals that almost none of the websites of the world's 50 largest companies are geared to do business across Europe. This study comes just as the European domain name '.EU' is adopted.
Digital & Media 26-03-2002

Council adopts ‘.EU’ and e-accessibility Resolution

During its meeting of 25 March the Telecoms Council adopted a Resolution on the accessibility of public websites, discussed eEurope 2005 and approved the '.EU' domain name.

Commission adopts follow up to Safer Internet Action Plan

The European Commission proposed an extension of the current Safer Internet Action Plan, with an additional budget of more than 13 million euro.
Digital & Media 28-11-2001

ECOSOC wants mandatory rating of internet sites

In a report published on 28 November the European Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) calls for European internet sites to be tagged as "children friendly". Stating voluntary rating is not enough, the ECOSOC calls for mandatory rating of Internet sites.