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Technology 25-07-2017

Alphabet profit hit by EU fine on Google

Google parent Alphabet on Monday (24 July) saw shares slide as the market reacted to a massive fine by the European Commission and word that success in mobile, cloud and YouTube is coming with higher costs.
Technology 19-05-2016

Google invokes free speech in French fine appeal

Google said Thursday (19 May) it feared for free speech if France succeeded in forcing it to apply the right to have information about a person removed from its search engines not just in France, but worldwide.
Technology 24-06-2015

Getty Images takes Google grievance to EU antitrust regulators

Getty Images has become the latest company to take its grievances with Google to EU antitrust regulators, as it accused the search engine giant of favouring its own images service at the expense of rivals.
Competition 08-04-2014

Google search competition case may not be over

SPECIAL REPORT / EU Competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia has repeatedly tried to settle the Google search case, but serious concerns remain, and may open the way for a surprise ending in what is probably the most important legal battle for the future of e-commerce in Europe.
e-Commerce 07-04-2014

EU bets on consumer rights to boost e-commerce

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is stepping up its efforts to inform and protect consumers when they shop online, in a bid to boost e-commerce.
Languages & Culture 07-11-2012

Hollywood, European film industries unite to pressure Google

The Motion Picture Association, representing the largest US film producers, has told EURACTIV it is joining with the European film industry to pressure Google on piracy.
Competition 02-09-2011

EU says Motorola deal will not affect Google probe

Google's planned purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. will not influence an ongoing antitrust probe into the Internet search engine, the EU's antitrust chief said yesterday (1 September).