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e-Commerce 26-04-2018

Online platforms under fire as EU pushes for transparency on search results

Online platforms ranging from ecommerce retailers like Amazon to search engines including Google will be forced to reveal the criteria they use to display search results, under a new European Commission proposal.

Gabriel: Facebook users ‘need to know what happened with their data’

Facebook users “need to know what happened with their data” following reports over a week ago that millions of profiles on the social media platform were secretly used to help political campaigns, EU Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel said.
Competition 27-06-2017

Commission slaps record €2.4 bln anti-trust fine on Google

The European Commission fined Google a record-high €2.42 billion on Tuesday (27 June) for breaching EU antitrust rules by using its dominant market position to promote its own comparison shopping service at the expense of rivals.
Technology 08-11-2016

Commission to open probe into tech companies’ algorithms next year

The European Commission is considering actions to make internet firms share details about the algorithms they use to present information like news or user posts.
Technology 14-07-2016

EU files fresh anti-trust charges against Google

The European Union filed new anti-trust charges against Google on Thursday (14 July), piling pressure on the US tech giant over the alleged abuse of its market dominance.
EU Commissioner of the Digital Economy and Society, Günther Oettinger. [EC]
Technology 29-10-2014

Oettinger floats proposal for EU-wide ‘Google-tax’

Günther Oettinger, the EU's incoming Digital Commissioner, has announced plans to reform existing copyright laws within one year, indicating the likely addition of an EU "Google-tax", similar to that applicable in Germany. EURACTIV.de reports.
Competition 24-09-2014

Google warned about self-promotion in search results

Google Inc, the target of an EU antitrust investigation into its Internet search engine, may face further scrutiny over its other services following several complaints, Europe's antitrust chief said on Tuesday (23 September).
Technology 30-05-2014

Google takes first step to comply with EU rules

Google has launched a service through which European citizens can request that links to what they deem objectionable be taken off search results, the first step towards complying with a court ruling affirming the "right to be forgotten."
Technology 09-04-2014

Expert: The case for search neutrality

SPECIAL REPORT / The neutrality of the internet may not only be a matter of traffic management, but also of search results, as dominant operators increasingly have the chance to direct consumers’ choices, says net neutrality expert Innocenzo Genna, in an interview with EURACTIV. 
Competition 08-07-2010

EU regulators keeping close eye on Google

EU regulators are taking a hard look at allegations of anti-competitive behaviour in Internet search services amid concerns that dominant players may be abusing their position, Europe's antitrust chief said on Wednesday (7 July).