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Digital 29-03-2017

Boosting e-commerce in the EU: drivers and barriers

E-commerce sales have been the main growth engine of the retail sector over recent years. However, according to the European Commission 75% of the Europeans use the Internet on a regular basis, while only 15% shop online from another country and only 7% of SMEs sell cross-border.
The European Parliament approved MEP Marietje Schaake's report on surveillance technology
Digital 09-09-2015

Parliament calls for stricter controls over surveillance tech exports

The European Parliament gave the green light on Tuesday (8 September) to a non-binding resolution calling for safeguards to ensure technology isn't implicated in human rights abuse, especially when it's exported outside of Europe for surveillance or censorship purposes. A European Commission proposal is expected next year.
Brexit 30-07-2013

Report calls for stepped-up EU, UK cooperation on internet crime

Britain is losing the battle against cybercrime and needs a new crack crime unit to fight the growing problem in cooperation with its global partners, particularly the European Union, a panel of lawmakers said in a new report.
Digital 06-06-2012

Industry: ‘Do not use cyber threat as trade barrier’

Governments could be using cyber attacks as a proxy to introduce trade protection measures, industry sources warned EURACTIV, as the EU prepares to set up a new anti-cybercrime centre in the Hague.
Digital 19-08-2010

Policing the Internet?

Policymakers worldwide are at loggerheads over how to crack down on cyber-criminals, unlawful content and illegal downloading. But laws have been slow to arrive as legislators try to reconcile fundamental rights and Internet security.