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Languages & Culture 31-03-2021

Netflix, ‘Lupin’ and EU rules spark a TV revolution

"Lupin", a French reboot set in postcard Paris, has made Omar Sy a global star and fulfilled a long-lost dream for Europeans: the confidence to take on Hollywood.
Languages & Culture 29-05-2009

European programmes dominate EU TV market

European works make up three quarters of peak television viewing time in the EU, according to a new study published yesterday (28 May), refuting the widely-held view that American programmes are the most popular.
Sports 27-08-2008

Beijing Games marked surge in Internet viewers

A record number of Europeans watched the Beijing Olympic Games via the Internet, confirming an upward trend that will make it all the more necessary to update networks to satisfy surging demand.

Commission clears licensing agreements for Internet TV and radio music

An antitrust exemption by the Commission will introduce more competition for EU television and radio companies, which simultaneously broadcast music shows on the Internet.