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Digital 06-07-2020

Counterfeit and illegal sellers to be targeted in Digital Services Act, Vestager says

A crackdown on the sale of counterfeit and illegal goods across online platforms is likely to feature in the European Commission's upcoming Digital Services Act plans, the EU's Vice-President for Digital Affairs, Margrethe Vestager has said.
Digital 27-09-2011

EU checks complaints against Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype

The European Commission is determining whether to require the unbundling of the Internet phone service Skype from Microsoft's Windows operating system before authorising the planned merger of the two companies.
Digital 24-06-2010

Kroes to beef up scrutiny of EU digital industry

The European Commission will ensure that devices with always-on connectivity, like Apple's iPhone, don't lock consumers in to proprietary technology, Neelie Kroes, EU commissioner for the 'Digital Agenda', told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview. A yearly scorecard will measure the industry's progress. 
Digital 24-06-2010

Kroes: Interoperability at heart of Digital Agenda

The European Commission plans to rewrite ICT industry rules to make sure dominant technologies, like devices with always-on connectivity, do not lock consumers into supporting monopolies and hamper innovation, Neelie Kroes, EU commissioner for the Digital Agenda, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Digital 21-04-2010

EU eGovernment push ‘threatens Microsoft supremacy’

EU telecoms ministers took an important step towards diluting the market dominance of Microsoft's Office software on Monday (19 April) when they agreed to roll out online services using more interoperable document formats, according to Brussels-based competition lawyers.
Digital 14-04-2010

Kroes champions interoperability in draft ‘digital agenda’

As Commissioner Neelie Kroes prepares to unveil proposals for an EU digital agenda by the end of April, tensions have emerged around the issues of interoperability and open standards for ICT systems. EURACTIV France reports.
Competition 08-10-2009

Microsoft bows to EU pressure in browser war

Microsoft will give consumers the choice of twelve different web browsers after the company gave in to EU antitrust demands to stop bundling its Windows operating software with its own popular browser, Internet Explorer.
Health 10-09-2009

E-health hampered by interoperability glitches

Potential cost-savings from e-health are being jeopardised because computer systems cannot talk to one another, according to experts. Healthcare IT specialists also warn of resistance from healthcare workers and patients amid ongoing concerns over data protection.
Health 03-07-2008

EU pilot project to remove linguistic barriers to care abroad

A Commission Recommendation on the interoperability of electronic health records aimed at ensuring EU doctors have access to vital information on patients' medical data, wherever such information may be located, opens the door to a large-scale EU pilot project.
Competition 14-05-2008

Microsoft’s EU legal troubles continue

More legal disputes await Microsoft in Brussels as new accusations of unfair competition were filed by the UK Educational Agency on 13 May. At the same time, the IT giant has decided to appeal the huge fine imposed by the European Commission last February for alleged abuse of its dominant market position.
Competition 22-02-2008

Microsoft told to translate principles into actions

The European Commission reacted sceptically to an announcement made by Microsoft on 21 February that it will partly disclose its technical secrets for the sake of interoperability.
Digital 24-01-2008

Microsoft in push to establish e-Government standard

The US software giant has launched a new set of products aimed at standardising the provision of online services to citizens by public administrations. But while Microsoft says the move will help address the fragmentation of Internet services offered by local authorities, competitors argue it may pose a threat to the development of alternative software.
Health 20-07-2007

Commission weighs up options on eHealth interoperability

The lack of interoperability in systems and services, such as electronic health records, patient summaries, and emergency data sets, has been identified as a major obstacle to the widespread take-up of eHealth application in the EU. The Commission has launched a public consultation on the issue with a view to adopting specific guidelines later in the year.
Digital 14-02-2007

Interoperability of ICT systems

In order to face the challenges of global competitors and boost the growth potential of Europe's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, hardware and software products, systems and networks need to work smoothly together. 
Competition 08-09-2005

Microsoft fights to keep source code closed

The software giant is taking the Commission to the European Court of First Instance to prevent the source code of its server communication protocols from entering the public domain.

Dutch minister spells out vision for e-government

Dutch reform minister Thom de Graaf says Europe's essential contribution to foster e-government services lies in promoting interoperability and open standards.

Commission moves to unleash mobile broadband services (3G)

In a new communication, the Commission has spelled out steps to remove the barriers holding back the roll-out of mobile broadband services as a way to boost Europe's competitiveness.

Challenges abound for next generation mobile communications (3G)

Europe is struggling to repeat the success of the GSM standard but needs to address many intertwined issues as all industries from computers to broadcasting are getting involved.

Commission seeks to regulate societies collecting copyrights

The Commission wants to regulate 'collecting societies' which market products protected by copyright. Online rights management systems will have to become interoperable before they can be accepted.
Transport 29-01-2004

Parliament and Council conflicts about liberalisation of railways

The conciliation procedure on the second railway package has just started. The most sensitive issue to be discussed will be the timetable for the liberalisation of railways for passenger transportation.
Transport 24-10-2003

MEPs want liberalisation of railway passenger services by 2008

On 23 October, MEPs voted to open up competition on Europe's railways for freight and passenger traffic.
Transport 10-09-2003

Railway: Parliament to insist on opening up of freight and passenger services

On 9 September, the Parliament's committee for transport discussed its position for the second reading on the Second Railway Package.
Transport 16-01-2003

Parliament pushes through on railway liberalisation

On 14 January, the European Parliament adopted the second railway package with some major amendments, concerning mainly the extensive liberalisation of the railway market and stricter safety provisions.
Transport 14-01-2003

MEPs to tighten rules on European railway area

On 14 January, the European Parliament is expected to give its green light for the second railway package. It is likely to demand further commitments regarding the speedy liberalisation of railway services, safety rules and the establishment of a European Railway Agency.