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Health 06-04-2017

Europe’s biotechnology potential hindered by investment fears

In terms of pure biotechnology, Europe has embraced innovation. However, it cannot compete with the US yet because it cannot drive private investment in the field, as well as open up the market to new products, a pharmaceutical executive told EURACTIV.com in Lyon.
"When is the right time, if not now?" German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday, referring to US-EU trade deal, TTIP. Here, she is pictured at an event with BDI chief Ulrich Grillo (left) in 2013. [Jochen Zick, Action Press/Flickr]

German industry calls for ‘investment offensive’ to boost the economy

Germany's BDI industry association is calling for an "investment offensive" from the Federal Government, saying that strengthening business confidence should be a top priority amid the economic downturn, and hailing TTIP as a "historic opportunity". EURACTIV Germany reports.
wind turbine in South Africa
Energy 22-09-2014

Climate finance on the rocks?

Climate finance is still going strong globally, but serious efforts are needed, including at the regulatory level, to sustain the momentum ahead of the UN Climate Summit.
Germany's middle class firms are more prosperous than they have been 11 years but the outlook is pessimistic, says a recent study by Ernst & Young. [QIAxcel assembly/Flickr]

Germany’s middle class prosperous but pessimistic, survey shows

Medium-sized companies in Germany are doing better than ever, according to a semiannual study measuring economic conditions and prospects but the horizon is dark, with results showing growing pessimism over the geopolitical climate. EURACTIV Germany reports.