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  • Investor protection in TTIP: ‘A head-in-the-sand policy achieves nothing’

    Trade & Society 11-03-2015

    Excluding investor protection from TIPP would be a mistake - but a reform is required. Reinhard Quick thinks that an international investment tribunal should be set up to decide on conflicts between investors and states. This would resolve the deficiencies of bilateral investment treaties and give due regard to the citizen's concerns.

  • TTIP is good for SMEs

    Trade & Society 02-02-2015

    In a survey commissioned by Swedish Enterprise, 700 small and medium-size enterprises point to current legal uncertainty, unequal requirements, double bureaucracy and tariffs as major obstacles to trade with the US, writes Carola Lemne.

  • Can Europe get over its renewable energy midlife crisis?

    Sustainable Development 02-02-2015

    Barak Obama did not come back from his Indian state visit with an ambitious climate policy deal similar to the one he brought back from China in November last year. Many might be disappointed, writes Julian Popov.

  • Citizenship by investment: Reflections from Malta one year later

    Economy & Jobs 13-01-2015

    It is now one year since Malta first announced its intention to offer citizenship through investment, and more than six months since the Individual Investor Programme went live. At the time, the idea of the programme caused uproar in some circles, but now that things are underway, what is actually happening?

  • Juncker’s investment plan: good, but too small

    Euro & Finance 27-11-2014

    It is time for Europe to embark on a new trajectory where meaningful increased investment, growth and jobs are at the core. The Juncker plan as it is currently formulated is encouraging; however, it only represents a fairly small first step in this direction, write Giovanni Cozzi and Stephany Griffith-Jones.

  • Africa’s Farms of the Future

    Development Policy 23-06-2014

    African agriculture is a sleeping giant: the odds are against Africa's farmers, but the potential for economic growth is huge. It's time to wake up the giant with action on policy, investment and technology, writes Strive Masiyiwa.

  • The Infrastructure Solution

    Sustainable Development 13-06-2014

    Failure to make the right infrastructure investments has impaired many countries’ potential to boost economic growth and employment. It is time for policymakers to ensure that infrastructure is realised to its full potential, so that the people who depend on it can realize theirs, write Martin Neil Baily and Robert Palmer.

  • The urgent need to invest in key sectors of European economy

    Innovation & Industry 07-09-2011

    Coordinated private, public and consciously European investment in research and infrastructure is needed to boost economic competitiveness, something which can be partly achieved via the EU budget, argues Dominique Ristori, an official at the European Commission.

  • R&D expenditures in Europe and the US

    Science & Policymaking 27-03-2009

    "Europe would over time widen rather than narrow its distance [in research and development] behind the US" should the current status quo remain, writes Kristian Uppenberg, a senior economist at the European Investment Bank, in a February paper published by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).

  • Incentives, risk and decision-making in mitigating climate change

    Energy 26-07-2007

    Responding to climate change is made complex by several sources of uncertainty but greater certainty may come at the expense of policy flexibility, says William Blyth in a June 2007 paper for Chatham House.

  • Analysis: Asset management: Towards a single EU market

    Euro & Finance 03-08-2006

    Deutsche Bank Research authors argue on possible ways to foster a truly pan-European investment market.