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Economy & Jobs 13-06-2017

Commission must double efforts towards a sustainable financial system

The European Commission is taking steps towards a more sustainable financial system in Europe, but must double its efforts to create a truly resilient system that Europe needs, writes Anne van Schaik.
Trade & Society 11-03-2015

Investor protection in TTIP: ‘A head-in-the-sand policy achieves nothing’

Excluding investor protection from TIPP would be a mistake - but a reform is required. Reinhard Quick thinks that an international investment tribunal should be set up to decide on conflicts between investors and states. This would resolve the deficiencies of bilateral investment treaties and give due regard to the citizen's concerns.
José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, received Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister, on 18 Oct. 2013 [Photo: EC]
Trade & Society 06-08-2014

EU finalises free trade agreement with Canada

Canada and the European Union have finalised the text of a proposed free trade agreement after months of wrangling, in a deal which is expected to serve as a blueprint for a similar agreement with the United States.
Le président de la Commission européenne, José Manuel Barroso et le premier ministre canadien, Stephen Harper lors d’une rencontre sur l’accord en septembre 2013
Trade & Society 28-07-2014

Germany threatens to reject EU-Canada free trade deal

Germany is to reject a multi-billion free trade deal between the European Union and Canada which is widely seen as a template for a bigger agreement with the United States, a leading German paper reported on Saturday (26 July).
Trade & Society 10-03-2014

Report: Investor-state lawsuits worth €1.7 billion rage across Europe

Greece, Cyprus and Spain are facing claims from speculative investors worth more than €1.7 billion in a series of eurozone-related investor-state disputes that could spiral dramatically under a proposed EU-US trade deal known as TTIP, a new report says.
Euro & Finance 30-04-2010

EU to safeguard investor rights

The European Union's executive will propose a law to safeguard the rights of investors who buy and sell shares and other securities across the bloc's borders, an EU official said on Thursday.