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Global Europe 26-06-2002

EU takes initiative on access to drugs for developing countries

The Commission calls on changes to the WTO patent rules, to ensure that also the poorest countries can have access to generic drugs.
Health 30-05-2002

Changing Patterns of Pharmaceutical Innovation

Changing Patterns of Pharmaceutical Innovation This report characterizes the level of innovation of all the new branded medicines that entered the U.S. market from 1989 to 2000 (excluding vaccines and other biologics products). It also assesses the specific contribution made...
Health 23-05-2002

No agreement on patent Regulation expected before the end of the year

The Internal Market Council on 21 May agreed to continue disagreeing on the proposal for an EU wide patent, as no agreement was reached on issues such as language and jurisdiction.
Health 21-05-2002

Council might not come to agreement on EU patent

The Internal Market Council was due to come to an agreement on an EU wide patent, but remaining differences between the Member States may prevent this again on 21 May: the agenda mentions a "joint policy guideline".
Agrifood 08-05-2002

EU Ethics Group recommends caution on human cloning

The EU's Group on Ethics has recommended that the Union should take "cautious approach" towards obtaining human embryonic stem cells for therapeutic purposes.
Global Europe 07-03-2002

Commission calls for changes in drugs patent rules for developing countries

The EU has presented a proposal to the WTO concerning access to medicines for developing countries that do not have the capacity to produce them themselves.
Trade & Society 07-11-2001

Pharmaceuticals could be key to success in Doha

Solving the differences between developing countries and the US over Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and pharmaceuticals could be the key to launching a new round of trade negotiations in Doha. The commitment of developing countries to reaching a satisfactory agreement on this issue offers hope for flexibility on their part in other areas.