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Pilot projects show how industry can produce ‘green’ products

Two industry groups have promised to reduce the environmental impacts of mobile phones and wooden garden furniture. Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas calls on other industries to follow their example.

Integrated Product Policy (IPP)

On 18 June 2003, the Commission finally adopted its long-awaited Communication on Integrated Product Policy (IPP) opting for a more voluntary approach to greener products. IPP seeks to minimise environmental degradation caused by products throughout their whole life-cycle.
Climate change 28-09-2004

Commission handbook helps public authorities buy ‘green’

The Commission has published a handbook on green public procurement helping public administrations to use environmental criteria when buying products or services

Making consumer goods greener: Two pilot projects launched

As part of the EU's Integrated Product Policy (IPP), the Commission has selected Nokia and Carrefour for two pilot projects aimed at 'greening' consumer goods throughout their whole life-cycle.

“Richer, fatter, and not much happier”

Rising consumption patterns are unsustainable and damaging to both poor and rich countries, says the yearly report by the Worldwatch Institute.
Climate change 20-02-2003

Commission to propose framework directive on eco-design rules

The Commission is currently drafting a new proposal on eco-design of end use equipment. Many stakeholders are doubting the usefulness of this proposal.
Climate change 18-06-2002

Danish study on life cycle assessment of electronic products

A Danish study on electronic products shows that depending on the energy use, in some cases, throwing a way an old product and buying a new can be the best environmental option.
Health 13-05-2002

Study shows that eco-labels have an effect on consumer behaviour

A recent Danish study shows that consumers are willing to pay extra for products they know are more sustainable.
Climate change 11-07-2001

European industry comments on IPP

European industry presents views on instruments proposed in the Green Paper on Integrated Product Policy
Climate change 06-07-2001

Commission issues guidelines for “green” procurement

Commission adopts a Communication clarifying the possibilities provided by Community law for environmentally responsible procurement

Commission adopts Green Paper on Integrated Product Policy

Commission launches public debate on new strategy to improve environmental performance of products throughout lifecycle
Climate change 02-02-2001

Commission to propose green product policy

European Commission expected to adopt Green Paper on Integrated Product Policy (IPP) on Wednesday 7 February