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Brexit 07-02-2020

Northern Irish police find truck bomb timed for Brexit

Northern Irish police said Thursday (6 February) they had found a bomb attached to a truck which was intended to go off as the UK left the European Union.
Brexit 20-07-2016

Referendum on Irish reunification is a ‘possibility’ after Brexit

Enda Kenny, the Irish prime minister, said on Sunday (18 July) that Northern Ireland could vote to become part of a united Ireland if they want to stay in the European Union. But the topic is highly divisive.  EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.
Brexit 28-03-2007

Northern Ireland’s arch-enemies unite

The leaders of two parties whose conflict has fuelled decades of violence in Northern Ireland agreed, at a meeting on 26 March 2007, to set aside bitter divisions and forge a unity-government within six weeks.

N.Ireland: IRA promises to disarm

The IRA promised to start a process of disarmament