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  • Supporting safe passage: Europe can and must do more

    Africa 12-05-2015

    As the global number of displaced people reaches its highest level since WW II, developed countries must assume their responsibilities and deal with the causes of mass migration, writes Michael Adamson. 

  • Turkey, Saudi Arabia strive for Sunni leadership

    Global Europe 31-03-2015

    The regional environment will likely push Ankara into a more confrontational stance regarding Tehran, as Turkey vies for a leading role in the Sunni world, writes global intelligence company Stratfor.

  • A more even-handed stance toward Turkey and Azerbaijan

    Global Europe 23-03-2015

    Europe's moderate Muslim allies – Turkey and Azerbaijan – might be the key to the fight against terrorism, writes Joshua Noonan.

  • The relevance of arts trafficking for international security

    Languages & Culture 04-03-2015

    Over the past two centuries, abuse of antiquities and fine art has evolved from the “spoils of war” into a method of financing terrorism. Nowadays, both the US and UK are concerned about antiquities trafficking as a source of funding for ISIS, leading to calls for international cooperation to counter the market, writes Erik Nemeth.

  • Iran at its worst under the ‘moderate’ Rouhani

    Global Europe 19-12-2014

    Today the Iranian people are facing one of the worst violations of human rights in contemporary times. Over 1200 executions in the past 15 months of Rouhani’s presidency, Government organized acid attacks against women for “mal-veiling” and the brutal hanging of 26-year-old girl Reyhaneh Jabbari, are terrible events that have shocked the world. 

  • Cry for help from Kobane: Why it is necessary to prevent another Srebrenica

    Global Europe 27-10-2014

    For more than a month, a bitter struggle has ensued between Kurds and Islamists in Kobane (Arabic: Ain al-Arab). If the Syrian Kurdish town, on the border with Turkey, falls into the hands of the IS, this will be more than just another military victory for the "Islamic State", writes Gülistan Gürbey. If the international community continues just watching, Kobane may soon be mentioned in the same breath as Srebrenica and Rwanda, as a synonym for the failure of the international community.

  • New EU trio is now complete, what next?

    EU Elections 2014 01-09-2014

    New EU leaders Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and Federica Mogherini face hard times, and deserve our support, writes Fraser Cameron.

  • The US prepares for an intervention in Syria

    Global Europe 27-08-2013

    The United States is now actively building the case for military intervention in Syria after having equivocated for days over the al Assad regime's chemical weapons attack, writes Strafor.

  • UN failure in Iraq is also an EU failure

    Global Europe 16-07-2013

    Camp Ashraf, a refugee camp in Iraq’s Diyala province, used to be an oasis of technology and agriculture, but its UN-led resettlement proved to be a nightmare, writes retired US Army Colonel Wesley Martin.

  • Turkey’s pipeline diplomacy

    Energy 12-07-2012

    Turkish Energy Ministry officials confirmed Wednesday that Ankara is preparing to send a technical delegation to Iraq, supposedly at Baghdad's request, to discuss building an oil pipeline linking southern Iraq and Turkey. The decision is an important indicator that Ankara is ready to make strategic energy moves to deepen its influence in the region, says Stratfor.

  • WikiLeaks and American diplomacy

    Public Affairs 30-11-2010

    Little in the way of surprise or revelation has come out of the WikiLeaks cables, writes the Geopolitical Diary at Stratfor.

  • Oil for Soil: Towards a Grand Bargain on Iraq and the Kurds

    Security 30-10-2008

    "A long-festering conflict over Kirkuk and other disputed territories is threatening to disrupt the current fragile relative peace in Iraq by blocking legislative progress and political accommodation," argues the International Crisis Group (ICG), an NGO, in an October report.

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