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Future EU 17-05-2021

Long odds on a successful conference

There is a parallel between the position in which the European Union is today and that in which Ireland found itself in 2001 following the rejection of the Nice Treaty in a referendum, writes Dick Roche, commenting on the Conference on the Future of Europe.
Freedom of thought 28-05-2018

Ireland overturns abortion ban in landslide vote

Ireland voted by a landslide to ditch its strict abortion laws in a landmark referendum that Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said had finally lifted decades of stigma and shame.
Freedom of thought 25-05-2018

Ireland votes in ‘once-in-a-generation’ abortion referendum

Ireland votes today (25 May) in an abortion referendum that could be a milestone on a path of change in a country that, only a few decades ago, was one of Europe’s most socially conservative.
Trade & Society 19-09-2016

Vestager’s poisoned Apple

Kicking the big guy in the shins is always a popular political diversion – particularly when the big guy in question is an American multinational, writes Dick Roche.
Elections 01-06-2012

Irish seen approving fiscal treaty by ‘safe’ 60-40 margin

According to government sources, Ireland's referendum on the EU's new fiscal treaty is likely to pass by a margin of more than three to two, but with a turnout as low as 50%. Unlike the Lisbon Treaty ratification, this time the Irish vote matters little for the Union.
Future EU 31-05-2012

EU watches Irish vote with detachment

Ireland holds the only popular vote on Europe's new fiscal treaty today (31 May), with opinion polls pointing to a 'Yes' vote that would ease concerns about its funding prospects. Unlike the Lisbon Treaty ratification, this time the Irish vote matters little for the Union.
Euro & Finance 28-03-2012

Ireland plans fiscal treaty referendum on 31 May

Ireland will hold its referendum on the European Union's new fiscal treaty on 31 May in what will probably be the bloc's only popular vote on plans for stricter budget discipline.
Euro & Finance 29-02-2012

Ireland calls referendum on EU fiscal treaty

Ireland will hold a referendum on the European Union's new fiscal treaty, Prime Minister Enda Kenny said yesterday (28 February), setting the stage for the first popular vote on the German-led plan for stricter budget discipline across the bloc.
Brexit 29-10-2010

EU leaders back ‘limited’ treaty change, budget cap

Britain and other European Union countries put their weight behind Franco-German calls for tougher eurozone rules at a summit today (29 October), agreeing on "limited" changes to the EU's main treaty in return for a cap on the EU budget.
Future EU 20-10-2010

Ireland mulls calling another EU referendum

Ireland is beginning to ponder calling another EU referendum following proposals by France and Germany to change the Lisbon Treaty in order to introduce a permanent system to handle crises in the euro zone.
Future EU 08-10-2009

Lisbon mission accomplished? Not yet…

"Even if the Lisbon Treaty enters into force by early 2010 […], there still are grey areas to clarify and pending issues to address, from the residual/resilient role of the rotational EU presidency to the status and shape of the European External Action Service," write Janis Emmanouilidis and Antonio Missiroli of the European Policy Centre (EPC) in an October paper.
Future EU 05-10-2009

EU leaders face ‘difficult task’ naming new Commission

EU heads of state and government will have to make difficult choices when they meet in Brussels for a summit on 29-30 October, with uncertainty over when the Lisbon Treaty will come into force having huge consequences for the size of the next European Commission, analysts told EURACTIV.
Future EU 05-10-2009

Analyst: ‘Let’s try to avoid post-referendum jubilation’

The European Union should avoid jubilation following the victory of the 'yes' camp in Ireland's referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, Piotr Maciej Kaczy?ski from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) told EURACTIV in an interview. The resounding Irish 'yes', he said, should be understood as reflecting the desire of a small country to find allies during the economic recession.
Future EU 03-10-2009

Verhofstadt: ‘Change’ comes to Europe after Irish vote

The Czech and Polish presidents have little choice left but to complete their countries' ratification processes after the massive 'yes' vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland, according to Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament. He spoke to EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Future EU 03-10-2009

Resounding Irish ‘yes’ to EU’s Lisbon Treaty

Irish voters have approved the EU's reform treaty by a margin of two to one, lifting the EU out of institutional limbo after years of democratic setbacks and blockage. All eyes now turn to Eurosceptic Czech President Václav Klaus to sign the treaty.
Future EU 02-10-2009

Future of Europe once again in Irish hands

The European Union's hopes of greater global clout rest for a second and decisive time on Irish voters today (2 October) in a referendum on the EU's reform treaty that risks plunging the bloc into crisis if Ireland gives another 'no' vote.
Future EU 01-10-2009

Czech EU minister: Prague must ratify Lisbon before year’s end

If the Lisbon Treaty ratification process in the Czech Republic is delayed beyond the end of the year, the country will lose its credibility in the EU for years to come, Czech European Affairs Minister Štefan Füle told EURACTIV.cz in an exclusive interview.
Future EU 01-10-2009

Klaus urged to sign Lisbon ‘without further delay’

If the Czech Constitutional Court finds no contradiction between the Lisbon Treaty and the country's constitution, President Václav Klaus should complete the ratification procedure by signing it without further delay, European Affairs Minister Štefan Füle told EURACTIV.cz in an exclusive interview.
Future EU 01-10-2009

Lisbon referendum just one of many hurdles for Dublin

Ireland's referendum on the EU reform treaty this week is only the first of three major threats to the Dublin government and its efforts to tackle a financial crisis that has crippled Europe's once fastest-growing economy.
Future EU 01-10-2009

Easing unemployment to bolster Irish EU vote

The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in Ireland rose by just 600 in September, the slowest rate in nearly a year and a half, boosting the government two days ahead of a crucial EU referendum.
Future EU 30-09-2009

Eurosceptic Czech senators put Lisbon Treaty on hold

Seventeen Czech senators close to the country's Eurosceptic president Václav Klaus yesterday (29 September) filed a second complaint against the Lisbon Treaty with the Constitutional Court in Prague, putting on hold its ratification.
Future EU 28-09-2009

‘Make or break’ week for Lisbon Treaty

The EU has no backup plan if the Lisbon Treaty fails to be ratified, experts and sources from the European institutions told EURACTIV. Next Friday's Irish referendum is seen as make-or-break time, but so is a key Czech Senate decision due on Tuesday (29 September).
Brexit 28-09-2009

Irish business lobby in final push for ‘yes’ vote

Business groups large and small are pressing hard for a 'yes' vote in Ireland's referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which takes place on Friday 2 October.
Future EU 14-09-2009

Libertas back in limelight as Lisbon debate hots up

Declan Ganley has made a dramatic return to political life just months after insisting he would not run a campaign against the Lisbon Treaty. The Libertas frontman said he was prompted into the U-turn by what he called the "fallacies" pedalled by pro-Lisbon advocates.