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  • Lech Wa??sa to support Lisbon Treaty in Ireland

    News | Future EU 14-09-2009

    Former Polish President Lech Wa??sa is going to Ireland this week to support the 'yes' campaign for the Lisbon Treaty ahead of the 2 October referendum, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) announced on Friday.

  • Irish Catholics confused over Lisbon Treaty

    News | Future EU 10-09-2009

    Accusations that a Catholic charity is distorting the contents of the Lisbon Treaty highlight serious confusion among Irish voters about the text and the absence of a fact-based debate in Ireland.

  • Support for Lisbon Treaty in Ireland plunges

    News | Future EU 04-09-2009

    Support for the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland dropped by eight points over the summer, the latest poll revealed. The slippage is reminiscent of similar trends in the country before the debacle of the first Lisbon referendum in June last year, and the one on the Nice Treaty before that, the Irish press writes today (4 September).

  • Sweden plans October summit on top EU jobs

    News | Future EU 02-09-2009

    Provided that the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by then, the 29-30 October European summit in Brussels will discuss nominations to all EU top jobs, including a high-profile permanent EU president and foreign policy czar, the Swedish EU Presidency said yesterday (1 September).

  • Verhofstadt sees three scenarios for Barroso

    News | Future EU 28-08-2009

    Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the European Liberals, has suggested three scenarios for the election of the next Commission president, one of which sees the European Parliament rejecting José Manuel Barroso's candidacy, EURACTIV has learned.

  • Irish business lobbies weigh in on Lisbon Treaty

    News | Future EU 26-08-2009

    Business lobbies large and small will ramp up their campaigns for an Irish 'yes' vote in the October referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but left-wing critics say this might prove that the text is a pro-business charter.

  • Barroso to unveil ‘summer homework’ next week

    News | Future EU 26-08-2009

    European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, who faces an uphill battle to be re-elected in the post, said yesterday (25 August) that he will next week send his programme for the next five years at the EU executive's helm to the political groups in the European Parliament.

  • Irish CEOs say rejecting Lisbon Treaty was ‘damaging’

    News | Future EU 28-07-2009

    84% of business leaders in Ireland believe last year's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty by popular referendum damaged the country's international reputation.

  • Britain puts forward Blair for EU president job

    News | Future EU 16-07-2009

    Britain's Labour government would back former Prime Minister Tony Blair if he were to stand for the job of president of the European Union, his successor's spokesman said on Wednesday (15 July).

  • Irish confirm date as EU leaders pledge to join ‘yes’ campaign

    News | Future EU 09-07-2009

    The Irish government yesterday (8 July) announced it would hold the second Lisbon Treaty referendum on 2 October, confirming early information broken by EURACTIV last month. Meanwhile, proponents of the treaty in both Ireland and Brussels are pledging to fight for a 'yes' vote.

  • Irish commissioner in Lisbon Treaty slip-up

    News | Future EU 29-06-2009

    As EU leaders anxiously await the second Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty this autumn, Irish Commissioner Charlie McCreevy said out loud what most had only admitted in private: the treaty would have been rejected in most countries had they followed Ireland's example and held a referendum on it.

  • EU summit seeks to avert ‘perfect storm’

    News | EU Priorities 2020 18-06-2009

    Too much is at stake, but too little depends on EU heads of state and government, who are meeting today and tomorrow (18-19 June) in Brussels to lay the groundwork for the Lisbon Treaty's enforcement by the end of the year and to choose the European Commission's president for the next five years, diplomats told EURACTIV.