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Global Europe 26-04-2016

Europe can do more to safeguard religious minorities

The suicide bombings on Easter Sunday in Lahore, Pakistan, should act as a reminder that the European Union needs a high-level office in charge of freedom of religion and belief in the world, writes Sophia Kuby.
Global Europe 23-03-2016

Huge manhunt underway after ISIS kills 35 in Brussels bombings

Belgium pressed a huge manhunt today (23 March) after Islamic State bombers attacked Brussels airport and a metro train, killing around 35 people and wounding hundreds as jihadists once again struck at the heart of Europe.
Global Europe 14-03-2016

Dozens killed in Ankara suicide attack

A suicide car bomb ripped through a busy square in central Ankara yesterday (13 March), killing at least 34 people and wounding 125, officials said, the latest in a spate of deadly attacks to hit Turkey.
Brexit 25-02-2016

Chizhov: I wonder why people think Russia wants to break up EU

There are people who believe that everything that happens in the world should be attributed to the Kremlin and personally to President Vladimir Putin, but this is not the case on many occasions, the Russian Ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizov told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

Major powers agree to plan for ‘cessation of hostilities’ in Syria

Major powers agreed today (12 February) to a cessation of hostilities in Syria set to begin in a week, and to provide rapid humanitarian access to besieged Syrian towns.

More time needed for new anti-terrorism financing measures

The European Commission will outline an action plan to combat terrorism financing on Tuesday (2 February). But legislative proposals will require more work to minimise possible side effects on the financial sector, EU officials told Euractiv.
Global Europe 10-12-2015

Davutoglu accuses Russia of attempting ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Syria

Turkey's premier accused Russia yesterday (9 December) of "ethnic cleansing" in northern Syria, saying Moscow was trying to drive out the local Turkmen and Sunni Muslim populations for military purposes.
Global Europe 09-12-2015

EU states urge action against ISIS trade in antiques

Germany, Italy and France called yesterday (8 December) for the European Union to crack down on the illegal trade in antiquities used to bankroll attacks by the Islamic State group.

US passes bill to keep away ‘foreign fighters’

The US House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly yesterday (8 December) to tighten restrictions on travel to the United States by citizens of 38 nations who are allowed to enter the country without obtaining a visa.

Police operation exposes Kosovo jihadist links

Italian and Kosovo police have detained four Kosovo citizens allegedly linked to the Islamic State group (IS) for spreading Islamist propaganda and for making threats against Pope Francis and a former US ambassador.
Global Europe 01-12-2015

Putin and Erdogan in war of words at Paris conference

Turkish President President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said on Monday (30 November) that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, should resign if he is unable to prove accusations that Islamic State sells oil to Turkey.
Brexit 01-12-2015

UK to vote on air strikes against ISIS

Britain's Labour Party said yesterday (30 November) its lawmakers could vote according to their consciences on air strikes in Syria, a move which may hand Prime Minister David Cameron the majority he needs to strike Islamic State.
Europe's East 27-11-2015

Putin and Hollande step up common efforts against Islamic State

No broad coalition to fight Islamic State has emerged after talks between Russian President Putin and his French counterpart, François Hollande. But the two agreed to step up their cooperation as the basis for a possible alliance.
Global Europe 27-11-2015

Erdogan fumes at Russia’s ‘restrictive measures’ after jet downing

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an on Thursday (26 November) dismissed "emotional" and "unfitting" suggestions that projects with Russia could be cancelled following Turkey's downing of a Russian warplane near the Syrian border.
Global Europe 26-11-2015

Russia and Turkey refuse to back down in row over jet downing

Russia sent an advanced missile system to Syria yesterday (25 November) to protect its jets operating there and pledged its air force would keep flying missions near Turkish air space, sounding a defiant note after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet.

US advises EU to criminalise the intention to become a ‘foreign fighter’

The US Justice Department has provided specific suggestions to governments in Europe and elsewhere on how to strengthen counterterrorism laws in order to arrest would-be foreign fighters before they join groups like Islamic State, according to a policy paper reviewed by Reuters.
Med & South 25-11-2015

France halts push for Syria coalition with Russia

During a visit to the US yesterday (24 November), French President François Hollande abandoned plans to include Russia in an international coalition against Islamic State, following the Paris attacks, in which 130 people lost their lives.

Tusk calls EU-Turkey summit on 29 November

European Union leaders and the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu will meet in Brussels on Sunday (29 November) to discuss refugee issues and improving relations between the EU and Ankara, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk tweeted on Monday (23 November).
Europe's East 23-11-2015

Steinmeier: Russia is serious about solution in Syria

Russia feels increasingly under threat from developments in the Middle East and appears to be serious about cooperating with the West to resolve the war in Syria, Germany's foreign minister said yesterday (22 November).
Med & South 18-11-2015

France and Russia fight as allies in Syria

France and Russia bombed Islamic State targets in Syria yesterday (17 November), punishing the group for attacks in Paris and against a Russian airliner that together killed 353 people, and made the first tentative steps toward a possible military alliance.
Development Policy 17-11-2015

Cameron earmarks half of UK aid budget for fragile states

At least half of the UK’s £12 billion (€17 billion) aid budget will be spent on supporting fragile and failing states, Prime Minister David Cameron has said ahead of the spending review in a major foreign policy speech at the lord mayor’s banquet.
Med & South 16-11-2015

Obama and Putin discuss Syria at G20 summit in Antalya

US President Barack Obama vowed on Sunday (15 November) to step up efforts to eliminate Islamic State and prevent more attacks like those in Paris, while urging Russia's Vladimir Putin to focus on combating the jihadist group in Syria.
Med & South 16-11-2015

France launches airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria

French warplanes pounded Islamic State positions in Syria on Sunday (15 November) as police in Europe widened their investigations into coordinated attacks in Paris that killed more than 130 people.
Global Europe 05-11-2015

ISIS link in A321 crash may upset Russia’s intervention in Syria

Evidence now suggests that a bomb planted by the Islamic State militant group is the likely cause of last weekend's crash of a Russian airliner over Egypt's Sinai peninsula, US and European security sources said on Wednesday (4 November).