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Freedom of thought 29-09-2017

The importance of prevention for security policies

“Think globally - act locally”. This well-known motto, originally coined to highlight the impact of environmental policies, urges us to take a holistic view on the global impact of local action. It can also be applied to preventive approaches to security policies, writes Antje Niewisch-Lennartz.
Med & South 18-11-2015

Remember Paris!

If being European is not able to inspire, then it is only right that Europe is occupied by a culture which can, writes Žiga Turk.
Global Europe 31-03-2015

Turkey, Saudi Arabia strive for Sunni leadership

The regional environment will likely push Ankara into a more confrontational stance regarding Tehran, as Turkey vies for a leading role in the Sunni world, writes global intelligence company Stratfor.

Charlie Hebdo: There is grief, but will there be a debate?

Today, it is necessary to bravely ask the question about how to increase security in Europe, even if certain issues look controversial, writes Micha? Boni.
Global Europe 12-12-2014

Does the EU want to bring Russia and Turkey into the Western Balkans?

As there are no signs that the EU economy will revitalize soon and lift with it the Western Balkans, the region is looking for new business partners, writes Dušan Relji?.

When ignorance was bliss: Domestic extremism in Europe

While governments spend more time and funding on countering Islamic extremism, Europe faces an increasing threat from domestic extremist groups that has a growing potential to distort mainstream politics on the continent, says Tamás Berecz.
Azerbaijan 08-05-2012

Islamism in Azerbaijan

Islamism is rising in Azerbaijan but remains a manageable threat which is unlikely to topple the country's government or seriously affect the nearby 2014 Sochi Olympics, argues Stratfor.
Med & South 24-11-2011

Moroccan elections: A reason for EU concern?

While the fears of an Islamist takeover in Morocco are overblown, the EU must in any event be willing show its faith in democracy by working with whichever political forces emerge from free elections, argues Daniel Novotný.
Global Europe 03-05-2011

Bin Laden’s death and the implications for jihadism

The death of Osama Bin Laden represents a significant victory for the United States and its European allies. However, it will have little effect on Al-Qaida's "leaderless" model for terrorism, nor does it resolve the continuing serious difficulties in Pakistan, argues security analyst Scott Stewart.