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Geert Wilders
Elections 24-03-2014

Wilders’ election strategy in shambles after racist remarks [updated]

Following a racist comment by Geert Wilders last week, his party took a dive in the polls, and lost several members, including its lead candidate for the EU elections.

Belgian far-right emulates the Dutch xenophobic website

Vlaams Belang, a Belgian far-right party, launched a website today (10 April) that invites people to report crimes committed by illegal immigrants, mirroring a similar site in the Netherlands set up by the far-right Freedom Party.

Romania seeks EU leadership debate on surge of ‘xenophobia’

EU leaders need to have a high-level political debate on the surge of 'xenophobia' and anti-European attitudes that threaten integration, Romanian Prime Minister Mihai R?zvan Ungureanu said during his first political visit to Brussels yesterday (15 March).
Euro & Finance 08-03-2012

Dutch nationalist leader pushes anti-euro referendum

Netherlands' Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he was "not yet convinced" by a report commissioned by nationalist leader Geert Wilders that the country would be better off if it would reintroduce the Dutch guilder, the Dutch media reported.

Xenophobic website ignites internet forums

A website launched by the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) to collect citizens’ complaints about Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian nationals has unleashed a flurry of comments on the Web. The EURACTIV network reports.
Languages & Culture 04-03-2010

Anti-Islamists set for large gains in Dutch election

The Dutch extreme-right Freedom Party, led by controversial anti-Islamist Geert Wilders, looks set to make large electoral gains at the upcoming general election with an outside chance of becoming the Netherlands' largest party, according to the latest polls.