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Alessandro de Pedys

Italian ambassador: ‘Illegal immigration poses security threat to Europe’

Many immigrants reaching Italy’s shores cannot or do not want to be identified, posing a security threat to the whole of Europe in terms of terrorism and criminal infiltration, says Alessandro de Pedys, the Italian Ambassador to Poland.
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Juncker defines 10 priorities for EU, seeks inter-institutional support

EXCLUSIVE: In a letter to the President of the European Parliament and to the Italian Presidency obtained by EURACTIV, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker proposes a better coordinated working program of EU institutions and fleshes out the 10 priorities he has identified for 2015.

EU anti-discrimination law one step closer to adoption

Blocked by some member states, EU anti-discrimination rules could be pushed forward through enhanced cooperation, suggested European Commissioner Martine Reicherts, stressing that transgender people in more than half of EU countries must choose between getting sterilised or not having their identity recognised under national law.
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Economy & Jobs 18-09-2014

Milan will host October EU Summit on growth and jobs

The European Commission said on Thursday that an October EU Summit on growth and jobs “would no longer take place”. A few hours later, however, the Italian EU Presidency contradicted the Commission's words and confirmed that the Summit will be hosted in Milan.

EU job summit off and on again

The European Commission today (18 September) announced that an October meeting of EU leaders to discuss growth and jobs would no longer take place, only to be contradicted hours later by the Italian EU Presidency, which will host the summit in Milan.
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Europe's East 03-09-2014

MEPs test Mogherini as newly appointed EU Foreign Affairs chief

Italian Foreign minister Federica Mogherini was drilled by MEPs in the European Parliament on Tuesday, testing her skills as the newly appointed EU High Representative.
Global Europe 02-09-2014

Mogherini: Russia is no longer the EU’s strategic partner

Federica Mogherini, the Italian foreign minister appointed to become the next EU foreign affairs chief, said in the European Parliament today (2 September) that Russia was no longer the EU’s “strategic partner”, referring to the phrase which describes the relationship between the Union and its largest neighbour in hundreds of official documents.