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Energy analyst: Nord Stream 2 should be decided by European Court of Justice

In the past, European legislation was applied to pipelines coming to EU territory from the outside. This may apply to Nord Stream 2 as well, energy analyst Sijbren de Jong told EURACTIV Slovakia.
Energy 26-02-2016

Gazprom revives ‘Poseidon’ Adriatic link

Gazprom has revived a project that would see an offshore pipeline built to bring Russian gas from Greece to Italy. The new project is named “Poseidon”.
Current gas links from Tunisia to Italy. Map Gas Storage Europe
Med & South 06-05-2014

Italy looks at Mediterranean for alternatives to Russian gas

Italy could increase gas imports from Algeria, Libya and the Netherlands to counter any disruption of supplies from Russia, Deputy Industry Minister Claudio De Vincenti said on Monday as G7 energy ministers gathered in Rome.
Energy 28-06-2012

Gas pipeline deal sidelines original Nabucco project

Turkey and Azerbaijan have signed an agreement to build the Trans-Anatolia Gas Pipeline (TANAP), a move welcomed by the European Commission as a major step towards completing the Southern Gas Corridor project.
Energy 03-04-2012

Three Russian companies bid for Greece’s gas assets

As cash-strapped Greece is selling many of its state assets, three Russian companies including Gazprom are bidding to acquire the Greek gas companies DEPA and DESFA, out of a total of 17 bidders from 12 countries.
Energy 29-02-2012

TAP pipeline director: South Stream is irrelevant

As long as the consortium managing the gas from Shah Deniz field in Azerbaijan is ready and willing to guarantee supplies of gas to Italy via the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), Gazprom's South Stream project "is irrelevant", TAP Managing Director Kjetil Tungland told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Energy 29-02-2012

Southern gas corridor takes shape

A southern gas corridor is taking shape with one branch leading to Italy via the Trans Adriatic pipeline (TAP), and the other one, called "the northern route", to be built either by the Nabucco consortium or the South East Europe Pipeline project (SEEP) - which enjoys the support of an Azerbaijan gas consortium - the TAP director told EURACTIV.
Energy 27-02-2012

ITGI fights to stay in the race for Azeri gas

Without the participation of the Turkey-Greece-Italy Interconnector (ITGI), no other competitor can complete the offshore section to Italy, says the chief executive of Greece's publicly owned gas company DEPA. The project is intended to transport gas from Azerbaijan to Europe in 2018.
Energy 27-02-2012

DEPA exec: Southern gas corridor still needs ITGI

The selection of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project for the Italian pipeline portion of the Southern gas corridor is only a "provisional decision", says Harry Sachinis, chairman and chief executive of the Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA). In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, he insists that TAP lacks the necessary licences ITGI has. 
Energy 21-02-2012

Greek crisis kills ITGI pipeline project

Azerbaijan has eliminated one of the main competitors bidding for the gas of the Shah Deniz II offshore field, apparently over concerns that one of project's partners, Greek gas company DEPA, would not be able to carry on with the project.
Energy 13-12-2011

Azerbaijan postpones gas auction decision

Azerbaijan has delayed until March 2012 a decision on which bidder will get natural gas produced as part of the Shah Deniz field's second stage. Nabucco and three other pipeline projects are competing in the auction and results were expected this month.
Energy 04-10-2011

‘Southern corridor’ competitors bid for Azeri gas

Competitors in the race to give life to the 'Southern gas corridor,' aimed at supplying Europe with non-Russian gas sources, have all lodged bids to obtain the 10 billion cubic meters per year which will be available from the offshore Shah Deniz II field in Azerbaijan.
Energy 04-10-2011

DEPA CEO: Greece-Bulgaria gas connector ‘ready in 2013’

ITGI, the Turkey-Greece-Italy Interconnector, offers the quickest way to open up the Southern Gas corridor, and could pump Azeri gas into Bulgaria as soon as from 2013, Harry Sachinis, Chairman & CEO Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA), told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Energy 09-05-2011

Nabucco pipeline construction pushed back to 2013

Construction of the Nabucco pipeline, a project designed to bring natural gas to Europe from suppliers other than Russia, will start in 2013 instead of 2012 as initially planned, its managing director announced on Friday (6 May).
Energy 18-02-2011

EU pushes pipeline merger in Southern gas corridor

EU officials are pushing for a merger of two strategic pipeline projects – Nabucco and its smaller Italian rival ITGI – to help secure gas supplies from Azerbaijan to Europe, according to news wire reports yesterday (17 February). The European Commission later confirmed it was encouraging projects in the 'Southern Gas Corridor' to cooperate.

Barroso tops Azeri gas deal with visa facilitation

On a visit to Azerbaijan yesterday (13 January), European Commission President José Manuel Barroso signed a deal expected to bring ten billion cubic metres of gas each year to Europe, promising in return "visa facilitation" for Azeri nationals.
Med & South 10-12-2010

Nabucco in ‘David vs. Goliath’ battle for Azeri gas

Pressure is growing on the Nabucco consortium to reveal its hand over its tender for Azeri gas. The winner, to be announced in April, will be master of Europe's Southern Gas Corridor, designed to bring gas from sources other than Russia.
Energy 15-09-2010

Adriatic pipeline to tap into Azeri gas

The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) announced today (15 September) that the Shah Deniz II natural gas field in Azerbaijan is the initial target of gas intended for the project, designed to offer the shortest and most-cost-effective gas supply to Italy and European markets.