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  • Poverty spurs mass migration from Kosovo

    Global Europe 16-02-2015

    Migration from the Western Balkans towards the EU is not new. But the size of the exodus from Kosovo surprised many in early February, when the media began reporting that a large number of Kosovar Albanians were trying to enter Hungary via Serbia. EURACTIV Serbia reports.

  • Serbia and Croatia digest genocide ruling

    Enlargement 04-02-2015

    As widely expected, the International Court of Justice Tuesday (3 February) rejected the genocide lawsuits Croatia and Serbia launched against one another. Observers turned their attention to the vast sums of money wasted in hopeless proceedings. EURACTIV Serbia reports.

  • Football violence reveals Serbia-Albania tensions

    Enlargement 16-10-2014

    A Euro 2016 football qualifier match between Serbia and Albania, held this week in Belgrade, ended violently, revealing underlying tensions between the two countries. EURACTIV Serbia reports.

  • West frowns at Belgrade’s planned Putin parade

    Enlargement 14-10-2014

    20 October, Liberation Day in Serbia, marks the anniversary of the retreat of the Nazi troops from Belgrade in 1944, leaving the capital to the Red Army and Yugoslav Partisan guerrillas. But the Liberation Day parade of 2014 will be of a different kind.

  • Lavrov reassures Serbia on South Stream

    Energy 18-06-2014

    On a visit to Belgrade, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated the position that his country “respects and supports” the European integration of Serbia, but warned against new dividing lines in Europe and pleaded for the Gazprom-favoured South Stream gas pipeline.

  • Summit to clear way for accession talks with Serbia in 2014

    Enlargement 27-06-2013

    European Union leaders are set to agree on opening accession negotiations with Serbia by January as well as to launch talks on a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with Kosovo. EURACTIV Serbia reports.