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  • Website to fact-check EU election campaign claims

    News | Science & Policymaking 18-04-2014

    As European politicians hit the campaign trail for the May EU elections, the online project FactcheckEU documents how truthful their campaign speeches really are.

  • Delors’ disciple: Americans and British attacked the euro

    Interview | Euro & Finance 07-02-2013

    The British and the Americans used the press to attack the euro , but the strategy failed and it's now the dollar that is in trouble, contends Marc Luyckx Ghisi, a researcher close to former European Commission President Jacques Delors. 

  • A green European budget

    Opinion | EU Priorities 2020 21-11-2012

    European leaders must look at the bigger picture during the EU budget summit. They have to unleash the green potential within EU spending that has already taken root in many countries, writes former president of the European Commission Jacques Delors.

  • Attali: A federal Europe is the only crisis exit strategy

    Interview | Elections 18-04-2012

    The only way to save the euro and get Europe out the crisis while maintaining people’s living standards is to change EU treaties to have a more integrated union, Jacques Attali said in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.

  • Delors points the finger at Europe’s ‘killers’

    News | Elections 29-03-2012

    Jacques Delors, the former European Commission president widely seen as one of the 'fathers of Europe', said yesterday (28 March) that EU leaders were "killing Europe", replacing the community method by inter-governmental solutions and nationalism, with the complicity of the Union's institutions. 

  • Father of Europe contemplates his broken family

    News | Future EU 08-02-2012

    Jacques Delors, former European Commission president, and José Manuel Barroso, the current chief of the EU executive, both regretted the national "resistance" and "lack of spirit of cooperation" amongst the leaders of the 27 EU countries in dealing with the bloc's debt crises.

  • Maastricht Treaty turns 20 as euro crisis continues

     Video | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 07-02-2012

    Twenty years ago, leaders of the European Union put their signatures under a plan for one of the most ambitious steps in European integration.The single currency.
    The Maastricht Treaty enable the creation of the euro, which, despite all the negatives, has clearly carved out its place in the international currency markets.
    Former European Commissioner President Jacques Delors still sees the euro as a success story:
    Ten years after the launch of the physical notes and coins, however, it's clear that the Maastricht Treaty was not a complete success.

  • Delors: ‘Superficial’ Franco-German engine needs kick-start

    News | EU Priorities 2020 07-04-2011

    In an exclusive interview with EURACTIV, former European Commission President Jacques Delors said Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy maintain a "superficial" alliance which needs to be "rebuilt" – a goal for which he is offering a helping hand.

  • Delors: Franco-German alliance is EU’s ‘tree of life’

    Interview | Future EU 07-04-2011

    Unlike their illustrious predecessors, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy maintain a "superficial" alliance, former European Commission President Jacques Delors told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • Delors backs competitiveness pact

    News | Euro & Finance 01-03-2011

    A few weeks after France and Germany tabled proposals for a competitiveness pact among eurozone countries, Jacques Delors supported their political move and backed rewards for good budgetary behaviour.

  • Delors asks Germany: ‘Are you still true to EU values?’

    News | Future EU 08-10-2010

    Without naming German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Jacques Delors, who is known as one of the 'fathers of Europe', posed the question yesterday (7 October) of whether the EU's biggest country - which reunited twenty years ago - is still interested in the European project.

  • EU negotiator: ‘Main difficulty of German reunification was its speed’

    Interview | Future EU 04-10-2010

    East and West Germany reunified on 3 October 1990, less than a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The historic event was described as an "[EU] enlargement without accession" by EU diplomats. Carlo Trojan, the European Commission's chief negotiator on Germany's reunification, describes the events in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV Germany.