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Brexit 23-01-2019

Brexit backer Dyson moves vacuum giant’s HQ to Singapore

James Dyson, the billionaire Brexit supporter who revolutionised vacuum cleaners with his bagless technology, is moving his head office to Singapore from Britain to be closer to his company's fastest-growing markets.
Electric vehicles 24-10-2018

Brexiteer vacuum inventor to build electric cars in Singapore

James Dyson, the billionaire British inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, has chosen to build his electric car in Singapore to be close to Asian customers, supply chains and a highly skilled workforce.
Brexit 10-09-2015

Will anyone speak up for Europe in Britain?

Since David Cameron's electoral victory in May and his announcement of an in-out referendum on the EU, Queen Elizabeth has been the only senior British leader to speak out for European unity, writes Denis MacShane.
Energy 27-05-2013

Energy labels for vacuum cleaners won’t do the job

Proposed energy labels for vacuum cleaners will confuse consumers into choosing the wrong vacuum, and the environmental impact of vacuum cleaners will grow rather than lessen, writes James Dyson.