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Development Policy 29-01-2016

EU needs ‘radical rethink’ of foreign aid in 2016

These are challenging times for policy makers, as global security risks become ever more complex. The tragic events of 2015 show how the challenges of poverty and development need to be tackled together, write James Mackie and Rhys Williams.
Federica Mogherini is the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Policy.
Development Policy 09-01-2015

Is Europe ready for post-2015 development?

The European Union starts 2015 with new leadership in place, ready to confront a threshold year where key international deals need to be struck at four major summits on financing for development, sustainable development goals, climate change and trade for development, write James Mackie and Rhys Williams.
Development Policy 16-09-2014

Scottish independence would open doors for development

A yes vote would increase Scotland’s aid budget to £1bn, presenting the new donor with complex spending challenges, writes James Mackie.