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Europe’s foreign policy reaction to the Paris attacks is just noise

The terrorist mass murder committed in Paris on 13 November warrants a decisive foreign policy reaction from France and its European partners, writes Jan Techau.

The autumn of our discontent?

EU policy makers will have to hold their nerve in this autumn’s intense and challenging legislative period, writes Jan Techau. 
A two Euro coin in front of the Acropolis, Greece
EU Priorities 2020 14-07-2015

The euro shows the way for the EU

The euro is the right kind of project at a time when Europe seeks to maintain its standard of life, its affluence, its relative political stability, and its say in international affairs, writes Jan Techau.
Jan Techau, Carnegie Europe
EU Priorities 2020 27-08-2014

Hoping for an unexpectedly strong EU foreign policy chief

On 30 August, European leaders will gather to announce what they hope will be a weak successor to Catherine Ashton. It would be better for the EU if those hopes were dashed and a strong individual were to emerge, writes Jan Techau.
Enlargement 04-03-2014

Europe’s Five Deadly Sins on Ukraine

The unfolding political crisis in Ukraine has led not only to a vivid debate about appropriate crisis management but also to deep European soul-searching about the root causes of the disaster, writes Jan Techau.
Future EU 10-07-2013

Welcome to Europe’s painful new normal

Europe’s new normal is a state of affairs in which the post-war integrationist zeal and sense of togetherness is gone, writes Jan Techau.
Euro & Finance 06-09-2012

Don’t expect political union anytime soon

More muddling-through in the EU is in the pipeline. If that wasn’t so dangerous, one could somehow live with it. But the problem with muddling-through is that it does not offer a perspective for those countries that are really suffering in this crisis. It does not create hope. Europe is in a bind, writes Jan Techau.