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Agrifood 30-05-2016

Biostimulants take centre stage in EU push for green fertilisers

The review of the European Union's Fertilisers Regulation will promote innovative products such as biostimulants, in an effort to help agriculture take the turn of the circular economy.
Transport 26-10-2015

Report says EU was warned of vehicle emissions rigging in 2013

The European Union's top environmental official warned his colleagues that automakers were rigging European emissions tests in 2013, long before the scam was uncovered last month, the Financial Times reported on Sunday (25 October).
EU Priorities 2020 09-10-2014

Poto?nik may get fourth term

Current Slovenian Commissioner Janez Poto?nik could be the choice of Prime Minister Miro Cerar, replacing Alenka Bratušek, the only Juncker Commissioner-designate that MEPs rejected.
An e-Waste collection centre in South America [Photo: Curtis Palmer, Flickr]

EU tables ‘circular economy’ package with zero-landfill goal

The European Commission issued proposals yesterday (2 July) to increase recycling and phase out landfilling, with a series of legally-binding measures aimed at nudging the EU towards a lean "circular economy".
A panel at this year's Green Week event in Brussels [Photo: Aline Robert]

EU seeks common framework for Circular Economy

SPECIAL REPORT / Changing business models and throw-away habits may take time. The European Commission wants to speed up the process with binding targets for recycling and public procurement in a Circular Economy package expected in July.
An ecologic building in London, UK. [Giancarlo Liguori/Shutterstock].

EU tables proposals to tackle ‘intertwined’ challenges in Europe, developing world

The European Commission tabled proposals on Monday (2 June) for tackling the “intertwined challenges of eliminating poverty” and “ensuring progress is sustainable”, in the EU's contribution to the post-2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The market in Brixton, London. [Flickr/firefightersdaughter].

Citizens not to blame for rising consumption, scholars say

Academics say there are limits to blaming European citizens for their high levels of consumption, arguing that a societal shift is necessary for the continent to achieve a sustainable ecological footprint.

Plastics industry ‘on right track’ to eliminate landfilling, EU says

SPECIAL REPORT / As the European Commission prepares to review the EU’s waste targets, the plastics industry, a symbol of the EU’s ‘throw-away society’, is one of the focal points in discussions on resource efficiency.

EU predicts ‘waste tsunami’ if world fails to cut down trash

The European Commission is preparing new policy proposals to reduce waste and reach greater recycling rates, in order to move towards a zero-refuse economy.

EU adopts seven-year environment strategy

EU ministers and MEPs have signed into law the seventh environment action programme, setting out the bloc’s long-term policy direction for the environment and climate.
Plastic bag next to the A140 motorway in Suffolk, United Kingdom [Geograph Project]

Brussels looks to cut plastic bag use

The European Commission has released a series of measures to reduce the use of lightweight plastic bags in the European Union and limit the negative impacts on the environment.

London Olympic venues find second life as ‘garden hoses’

The London 2012 Olympics point to new ways of dealing with 'drastic plastic' say industry sources, as the EU calls for ramped up waste recycling targets and better infrastructure.

Poto?nik bags UN ‘Champions of the Earth’ prize

The United Nations will honour Janez Poto?nik, the EU's top environment official, with its Champions of the Earth prize for his efforts to promote a greener EU economy.

EU, China officials begin green growth talks in ‘airpocalypse’ smog

The EU’s top environment and industry officials are meeting Chinese leaders for talks on promoting green growth today (19 July), as Beijing advises the young, elderly and ill to remain indoors due to “heavy pollution” for the 68th time this year.

EU, China to sign deal on curbing wildlife trafficking

The EU and China's State Forestry Administration are to sign an agreement today (18 July) to help combat the illegal trade of wildlife products, such as elephant and rhinoceros horns, the EU’s top environment official, Janez Poto?nik, has told EURACTIV.

Europeans ‘confused by green claims’: Survey

Some 80% of Europeans are concerned by the environmental impact of their purchases but only one-quarter say they “often” buy green products, reveals the latest EU opinion poll.

EU waste rules could create half million jobs, says EU environment head

If European Union countries implemented existing waste-management regulations, they could create some 400,000 jobs and save diminishing resources, a senior European Commission environment official has said.
Health 11-04-2013

Brussels unveils green performance scheme for products

The European Commission has proposed EU-wide methods for companies to measure and communicate their ‘greenness’ and the environmental footprint of their products.

EU hails global deal on cutting mercury emissions

The European Commission has hailed a UN agreement that will establish the first global treaty to cut mercury pollution. Specific household items will be blacklisted and new controls on power plants and small-scale mines will be introduced, the United Nations said on Saturday (19 January).

Water blueprint seeks to better police member states

The European Commission unveiled its water blueprint on Thursday (15 November), calling for strengthened enforcement of the 12-year-old Water Framework Directive amid fresh reports that many national governments are failing to live up to their commitments.
Climate change 08-08-2012

Report trashes EU waste management results

EU member states may be falling short of waste management commitments according to data in a new report on management of municipal waste, highlighting stark differences across the union.

EU faces big obstacles on the road to Rio+20

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe faces an uphill battle to convince world leaders to buy its plan for strengthening global environmental governance at an important sustainable development conference later this week.
Agrifood 29-03-2012

EU looks at technology to make farms greener

One way of meeting the European Union's goal of ensuring sustainability and competitiveness of the farming sector is through green technologies, says Janez Poto?nik, the EU’s environment commissioner.

EU leaders eye stronger UN role to police the environment

European leaders on Friday (2 March) could throw their weight behind a plan to convert the relatively powerless UN Environment Programme (UNEP) into a world body with the muscle to oversee treaties and protect the ecology.