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The EU-Japan EPA
Economy & Jobs 06-12-2018

The EU-Japan EPA: A Springboard for a Freer, Fairer and more Open Trading System?

The economic relations between the EU and Japan have been strong for a long time, but are now about to take new steps forward as they have concluded an Economic Partnership Agreement that significantly will reduce barriers to trade.
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Europe's East 07-05-2014

EU, Japan warn Russia not to deepen Ukraine crisis

During the 22nd EU-Japan Summit in Brussels, EU and Japanese leaders called on Russia on Wednesday to refrain from deepening the crisis in Ukraine and threatened Moscow with more sanctions
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Global Europe 07-05-2014

EU, Japan seek trade deal by 2015

Japan and the EU agreed on Wednesday to try to wrap-up free-trade negotiations next year, as EU leaders met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met in Brussels for the 22nd EU-Japan Summit.