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Development Policy 21-12-2016

Rise of far-right ‘idiots’ may hit aid and refugees, say laureates, leaders

The rise of far-right politics across the world may hit already scant foreign aid, increase tensions between communities and countries, and lead to more people fleeing conflict, Nobel laureates, leaders and experts warned.
Agrifood 18-04-2016

Agriculture holds key to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Agriculture will play a crucial role in addressing the planet’s future needs – whether on food production, health or the preservation of the environment. But transforming the dominant agricultural model could be the greatest challenge of all.
Euro & Finance 08-07-2015

Leading economists urge Merkel to cut Greek debt

Renowned economists Thomas Piketty, Jeffrey Sachs and three others urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday (7 July) to agree to cut Greece's debt to "avoid further disaster".
Energy 19-01-2015

After the oil price crash, it’s time for a carbon tax

The reduction in oil prices should be a good opportunity for Europe to put in place the appropriate tools for combating climate change, and to start the transition to a sustainable economy, writes Alberto Majocchi.
Regional Policy 26-05-2011

A world of regions

Jeffrey Sachs argues that as US power declines the need for regional cooperation to ensure peace and prosperity will increase. He believes the European Union provides the best model for such cooperation and should inspire other regions of the world.
Euro & Finance 02-07-2010

The Unaccountable G8

Accountability often goes missing following G8 promises, writes Jeffrey D. Sachs, professor of economics and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and special adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals.
Euro & Finance 10-03-2010

Banking tax will pay for deficits and aid, says Sachs

The EU should impose a financial transactions tax (FTT) as soon as possible, with or without the US, economist Jeffrey Sachs told EURACTIV in an interview. Faced with huge budget deficits and public anger, both the US and the EU will have to impose the tax soon, predicted the American economist.
Euro & Finance 10-03-2010

Jeffrey Sachs: Banking tax to plug budget deficits

Faced with huge budget deficits and public anger, both the US and the EU will have to impose a financial transactions tax soon, predicted economist Jeffrey Sachs in an interview with EURACTIV.