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Energy 04-12-2019

US economist Rifkin: ‘Budgetary rules should not apply to green investments’

While visiting Paris, American economist Jeremy Rifkin talked to EURACTIV France about his hopes for the new European Commission's Green Deal, while calling for a climate narrative that inspires real change across society.
Climate change 07-02-2017

Banks give €1 billion to build “Smart Europe”

Investors and the banking community have agreed to pour €1 billion into the modernisation and digitalisation of Europe, Council of the Regions President Markku Markkula said today (7 February).
Jeremy Rifkin
Agrifood 26-11-2015

Jeremy Rifkin: ‘Number two cause of global warming emissions? Animal husbandry’

An estimated 40% of all the agricultural land in the world today is used to grow feed grains for beef production, a trend that is set to worsen with the rise of the middle class in Asia, warns Jeremy Rifkin.
Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin: ‘What’s missing from UN climate talks is a new economic vision’

The UN climate change summit (COP21), which opens in Paris next week, “will be meaningless” if it doesn’t include a positive agenda for economic growth, warns Jeremy Rifkin.
Precision Dairy Research Project at the University of Kentucky
Agrifood 03-04-2015

Hi-tech farming touted as way to green Europe’s food chain

Connected agriculture – from farm to retail – was promoted at an event in Brussels this week, as the way to wean European agriculture off its addiction to chemicals, water and fossil fuels.
Technology 03-03-2015

Rifkin: Juncker plan not enough to lift Europe’s struggling economy

Europe needs to mobilise much more than €315 billion to embark in the transformation of its economy, create millions of jobs, create new business opportunities and create a genuine post-carbon society, said Jeremy Rifkin in an interview with EURACTIV.
Jeremy Rifkin
Technology 26-11-2014

Jeremy Rifkin: Digital revolution could bind China to Europe

SPECIAL REPORT: Europe needs to capitalise on the Internet of Things to pave the way to the zero-marginal cost industrial economy of the future, according to US economist Jeremy Rifkin, who says China is willing to join it on the journey. ?
Global Europe 01-02-2011

Rifkin: Europe the model for new ‘lateral’ governance

The EU is better positioned than any other region in the world to build a seamless energy, transport and communication grid that will create a "lateral", continental market for one billion people: this will be next stage of European integration, said Jeremy Rifkin in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
EU Priorities 2020 16-06-2010

Rifkin: Europe, the laboratory of the world

Despite the economic crisis and the struggle to save the euro, the European dream is not dead: what Europe needs is an "economic vision and game plan" that can create "a seamless, distributive energy grid" and build a third industrial revolution, said Jeremy Rifkin, author of 'The European Dream', in an interview with EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 31-01-2008

Jeremy Rifkin: ‘Europe can lead the third industrial revolution’

Climate change and the depletion of oil reserves are taking place faster than expected and the policies we are putting in place will be insufficient to keep up, leading economist Jeremy Rifkin told EURACTIV.fr in an interview, where he pleads for the EU to lead the way towards a “Third Industrial Revolution”.