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Brexit 19-06-2018

Barnier: UK needs to show ‘realism’, will be shut out of Arrest Warrant

The UK needs a reality check and will not be able to remain part of the European Arrest Warrant after it leaves the European Union, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said on Tuesday.

OLAF chief pleads for European public prosecutor

The head of the EU anti-fraud office OLAF, Giovanni Kessler, pleaded yesterday (5 December) for the establishment of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office as a formal EU institution.

Preparing for the multipolar world: European foreign and security policy in 2020

With America's relative power likely to decline in the near future, the EU has to improve its institutions and capabilities if it is to emerge as a strong pillar of the likely new multipolar system, argues a Centre for European Reform (CER) analysis.
Elections 05-11-2004

Italy appoints Frattini as new JHA commissioner

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini has been named Italy's next European commissioner for freedom, security and justice following the withdrawal of the controversial Rocco Buttiglione.
Security 04-11-2004

What about the neighbours? The impact of Schengen along the EU’s external borders

Over the last few years, the EU’s discourse concerning border controls has presented a paradox – on the one hand, the EU promotes good neighbourly relations, while on the other hand it emphasises the need to strictly implement the Schengen acquis on border controls and visa regimes. According to this article by  Joanna Apap and  Angelina Tchorbadjiyska in the  CEPS Working Documents series, the main underlying obstacle to a good and open partnership between the EU and the candidate states, and in turn between the enlarged EU and its neighbours, is a lack of trust towards the EU’s neighbours.
Security 04-11-2004

Towards closer relationships: Requirements for more effective JHA

The requirements of good policy-making in JHA are that decision-makers have a clear mandate and that those agencies charged with policy implementation are well-managed. Who does what, who has responsibility and the lines of accountability should be clear to the public and to professional groups affected by the policies, argues  Joanna Apap in her article that appeared in the  CEPS Working Document series.
Security 26-07-2004

Judicial cooperation in the EU: the role of Eurojust

In this report, the UK House of Lords EU committee reviews the first year or so of Eurojust full operation. It also examines the controversial issue of whether a European Public Prosecutor should be established.
Security 20-07-2004

Cross-border paedophile case boosts EU cooperation on criminal records

Ministers have agreed to speed up the exchange of information on criminals in response to a cross-border case of paedophilia. France, Germany and Spain have announced the launch of a pilot electronic system to share criminal records.
Security 19-07-2004

Ministers discuss future European cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs

Interior and Justice Ministers will hold a broad policy debate on the future EU's long-term JHA programme, the so-called "Tampere II agenda" during their Council meeting.
Security 03-07-2004

Dutch Presidency: Priorities [Archived]

The priorities of the Dutch presidency are further EU enlargements, justice and home affairs, giving the EU a wider role in external relations, the sustainable growth of the European economy and the financial perspectives for the period 2007-2013.
Security 03-06-2004

What’s next for Justice and Home Affairs?

Integration of legal immigrants, the fight against illegal immigration and terrorism are the top priorities for the new Justice and Home Affairs agenda, says the Commission.
Security 08-04-2004

The Aftermath of 11 March in Madrid

Justice and Home Affairs experts from the European liberty and security policy network (ELISE) believe that technology is not a solution to violence. They put into question counter-terrorism measures which involve a globalisation of surveillance.
Security 01-04-2004

From New York to Madrid: Technology as the Ultra-Solution to the Permanent State of Fear and Emergen

In this report, CEPS policy analysts comment on the impacts of the Madrid bombings on the fight against terrorism.
Security 03-03-2004

Full interview with Joanna Apap: EU allowed infringement of passengers’ privacy rights

Joanna Apap, head of the Justice and Home Affairs research unit at the Centre for European Policy Studies gives a strong warning to Member States not to undermine human rights through security measures.
Security 12-02-2004

Parliament calls for a new “Tampere” European Council

The Parliament has called for a new summit of heads of state and government to focus exclusively on Justice and Home affairs issues. Most MEPs argued that legal immigration should be given a higher priority on the EU agenda.
Security 11-02-2004

MEPs hold annual debate on progress in Justice and Home Affairs

The Parliament's annual debate on JHA is of particular importance this year due to the May 2004 deadline for the implementation of the Amsterdam Treaty provisions on the creation of the so-called "Area of Freedom, Security and Justice".
Security 12-01-2004

2004: a crucial year for Justice and Home Affairs

The May 2004 deadline set by the Treaty of Amsterdam and the Tampere Council for the adoption of a range of measures puts the Irish Presidency under pressure to deliver results during its term in office.
Security 09-12-2003

Full interview with Robert Evans, MEP – “Codecision [in JHA] will have a significant impact on the t

Robert Evans, Vice-Chairman, EP Committee on Justice and Home Affairs, gives its views on the recent developments and on the impact of the forthcoming institutional changes in the field of Justice and Home Affairs.
Defence policy 22-10-2003

Can the EU achieve an area of freedom, security and justice?

This paper examines how the constitutional treaty might improve the EU's ability to build the area of freedom, security and justice.
EU Elections 09 04-04-2003

Convention divided over proposal to create an EU public prosecutor

The Convention on the future of Europe debated the draft articles on the area of freedom, security and justice at its plenary session on 3 April. Whilst there was wide divergence of positions on the proposed creation of the European public prosecutor, most speakers supported the idea of setting up a European border guard.
Security 18-07-2002

Should Pillar III be abolished and if so how?

Should Pillar III be abolished and if so how? The creation of an Area of Freedom, Security and Justice is one of the top priorities for the future development of the European Union. In the debate on the Future of...
Politics 08-05-2002

EU plans border police to protect common borders

The Commission has proposed measures for the joint management of EU external borders, including the setting up a European Corps of Border Guards. The measures are designed to prevent illegal immigration, terrorism, trafficking and organised crime in Europe.

The evolution of JHA policy at EU level

The evolution of JHA policy at EU level This EPC background paper reviews the main steps being taken for the creation of a European Union Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. It also highlights some of the difficult and sensitive...

EU vows to fight religious violence and set common asylum standards

The justice and interior ministers of the 15 Member States, meeting in Luxembourg on 25 and 26 April, vowed to fight religious intolerance after a wave of attacks on Jews in several European countries. The ministers also agreed to establish the same reception standards for asylum seekers everywhere in the EU in order to prevent immigrants from seeking refugee status in Member States that offer the best possible conditions.