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Health 11-09-2014

A bad start for the new Commission

The directorate for public health (DG Sanco) took over the lead role for medicines and medical devices, only some years ago. Mr Juncker's announcement that these units will be moved back to DG Enterprise, is a step backwards, writes Jim Murray.
Health 04-04-2013

Clinical trials directive: The Parliament’s political dilemna

The most contentious political questions in the Clinical Trials Directive relate to disclosure – whether, how and when the results of clinical trials should be made public and whether pharmaceutical companies can claim ownership over the data generated by them. But if anyone owns the results of clinical trials it is the volunteers who participated, writes Jim Murray.
Health 03-06-2011

European Medicines Agency: A challenge for DG SANCO

Jim Murray argues that the European Commission's health and consumers department (DG SANCO) must take the lead in ensuring the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) independence in approving drugs and medicines.
Agrifood 19-12-2007

Murray: Emerging challenges in consumer policy

Changing demographics will have a wide-ranging impact on income, pensions and healthcare in years to come, former BEUC director Jim Murray told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview. Reflecting upon almost twenty years as head of the European consumers' organisation, Murray highlighted digital rights, nanotechnology and GM technology as the predominant issues to emerge during his tenure.