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Climate change 10-10-2016

World Bank says Paris climate goals at risk from new coal schemes

Slowing down construction of coal-fired power stations will be vital to hit globally agreed climate change goals, the World Bank president, Jim Yong Kim, said as he outlined a five-point plan to flesh out last year’s Paris agreement to reduce CO2 emissions. A report by EURACTIV's partner, The Guardian Environment.
Jim Yong Kim
Climate change 20-10-2015

World, business leaders call for global carbon pricing policies

A half dozen heads of state joined forces with leaders of cities and corporations on Monday (19 October) to call for wider adoption of carbon pricing policies ahead of a United Nations climate change summit in Paris in December.
Development Policy 20-03-2015

Natural disaster reduction agreement a ‘disappointment’

International negotiations on disaster risk reduction ended on Wednesday 18 March with a disappointing agreement, despite the recent drama in Vanuatu. Some have seen this as a bad omen for this year's UN climate negotiations. EURACTIV France reports