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Politics 23-03-2017

Commissioner warns of ‘growing menace’ of right-wing terrorism in EU

EXCLUSIVE/ EU Security Commissioner Julian King warned of the ‘growing menace’ of violent, right-wing extremism, as a possible backlash against the ongoing attacks by jihadists.
Global Europe 23-11-2016

The Brief: MEPs quash CETA challenge but what about Wallonia?

MEPs today quashed a proposed resolution to refer CETA, the EU-Canada trade deal, to the European Court of Justice by a significant majority.
Brexit 23-11-2016

White supremacist found guilty of assassination of UK Remain MP

A white rights terrorist was found guilty  of the murder of British MP Jo Cox on Wednesday (23 November), who was assassinated in the run-up to the Brexit referendum in June.
Brexit 15-11-2016

UK ‘Remain’ MP murdered by man shouting ‘Britain First’, court hears

'Remain' campaigning British MP Jo Cox was shot and stabbed by a man shouting "Britain First", a court heard on Monday (14 November).
Global Europe 27-10-2016

The Brief: Women are better drivers than men, confirms Commission

Who are the best drivers? Men or women? Fortunately, thanks to the European Commission, we can set this controversy to rest, once and for all.
Brexit 23-06-2016

Institutions plan emergency sessions in event of Brexit

European President Martin Schulz told MEPs to brace for an extraordinary plenary session on Tuesday (28 June), while a meeting of the College of Commissioners would take place on Sunday (26 June) if Britons vote to leave the EU.
Brexit 22-06-2016

Football atmosphere prevails at last debate ahead of UK referendum

Rival sides in Britain's referendum on European Union membership clashed in a passionate debate to the roars of an audience of six thousand in a London concert arena yesterday (21 June).
Brexit 20-06-2016

British parliament pays tribute to murdered ‘Remain’ MP

British Prime Minister David Cameron called for unity Monday (20 June) after the brutal murder of an MP sparked accusations of hate-mongering just three days before voters decide whether to quit the EU.
Brexit 20-06-2016

Remain camp gains momentum in first Brexit poll since Jo Cox murder

The pound extended its rally in Asian trade Monday (20 June) as investors swung their bets to Britain voting to stay in the European Union this week and latest polls showed support shifting to the Remain camp after the murder of a pro-EU lawmaker.
Brexit 17-06-2016

Brussels NGOs united in mourning for former colleague Jo Cox

The news of the brutal murder of British MP Jo Cox slowly filtered through the closing ceremony of the Brussels European Development Days conference last night (16 June) – an event which, as a former head of Oxfam, she would have felt entirely at home at.
Brexit 17-06-2016

Jo Cox murder seen as boosting Britain’s pro-EU campaign

The murder of labour MP Jo Cox yesterday by a man shouting “Britain first” will hurt momentum for Brexit and reflect poorly on those campaigning to leave the European Union by linking them to a murderer, analysts have said.
Brexit 17-06-2016

US group: Alleged killer of British MP was neo-Nazi supporter

The alleged killer of British lawmaker Jo Cox was a "dedicated supporter" of a neo-Nazi group based in the United States, a civil rights group reported Thursday (16 June).
Brexit 16-06-2016

UK referendum campaign suspended after MP shot dead ‘by man shouting Britain first’

A British member of parliament has died this evening (16 June) after being shot and stabbed in her constituency in northern England by a man reported to have shouted "Britain first", before his attack.