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Global Europe 22-10-2013

Why we need a world parliament

Today the world is a different place from the days when the United Nations was born. This is why the answer to democratise that hallowed meeting ground of states is the establishment of a UN parliamentary assembly, writes Joan Marc Simon.
Future EU 27-05-2013

The current crisis the price for not having a European federal union

The division of Europe between creditors and debtors should have never happened and in fact it would not have happened if the European interest, initially present in the draft of the Maastricht Treaty, had prevailed over the national interests, argues Joan Marc Simon.
Languages & Culture 26-11-2012

Catalan elections: What alternative to secession?

The results of the Catalan elections of November 25 show that a majority of Catalans are likely to vote in favour of independence in case a referendum is organised. However, this majority is not very ample and suggests that the high expectations that were put on these elections by national and international media were exaggerated, writes Joan Marc Simon.
Euro & Finance 02-10-2012

Spain: Reform or break-up

A point of no return has been reached in the negotiations between the Spanish and Catalan governments, raising doubts about the future of the country, says Joan Marc Simon.
Elections 19-06-2012

Europe is finally finding its soul

The Greek elections on Sunday have shown that the European project is finally, despite everything, a reality, writes Joan Marc Simon.
Future EU 13-03-2012

Time to give the European Parliament some muscle

As the European Parliament decides to put the transnational MEPs proposal back in the drawer, the EU is loosing another chance for legitimacy and accountability that is so much in need, argues Joan Marc Simon from Democracia Global.
Euro & Finance 01-02-2012

The new fiscal pact: The medicine that may end killing the patient

The newly agreed 'fiscal pact' in reality provides no kind of fiscal solidarity between the signing countries and it will not deliver unless the EU moves from European governance to European government, writes Joan Marc Simon from Democracia Global in Spain.